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Using Simple Campaigns to Send an Email

Hey! Make sure you check out the Presend checklist.

Using the Simple Campaign tool allows you to send a mass email in six easy steps
  1. Open Firefox and navigate to Sign into UWMADISON using SSO (your NetID credentials).
  2. Click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of the screen. Select Orchestration and then Campaigns.


  3. On the next screen, click Create a Simple Email Campaign.


  4. You will be taken to the Email Campaign Design canvas. Fill out the step-by-step details to complete your campaign.


  5. Click Save. Make sure you save your campaign in your folder. Eloqua_Campaigns-Simple-HowTo-04-Savebutton.png
  6. Click Activate ...Eloqua_Campaigns-Simple-HowTo-04-Actbutton.png

You’re done! After the campaign is Active, you will be taken to a report page where you can see your campaign metrics, such as your opens, clicks and bounces. This is a real-time view of the email's performance. To view the latest information, click Refresh. To view details about contacts included or excluded from the email, click View Participants. Oracle Eloqua continues to track all activity for the email campaign for 12 months after the campaign started.



  •  After the campaign is Active or Scheduled, you cannot change the campaign. If you need to make changes, you must first deactivate or unschedule the campaign. Note that simple campaigns send almost immediately, so deactivating a campaign will likely not have any effect on sending.
  • When you reactivate the campaign, Eloqua continues sending the email to those contacts in the segment that had not already been sent the email. (This is a very small window of time.)
  • However, if you do not reactivate the campaign within 3 months, Oracle Eloqua closes the campaign and removes any contacts from the campaign that were not sent the email. The change is associated to the user who last modified the campaign. A closed campaign changes the campaign status to Completed and switches your email and segment from Active back to Draft.

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