Eloqua - Current user groups

Not sure if your unit already has access to Eloqua yet? Here's a list of on-boarded user groups.

Please note that just because a user group has been on-boarded does not mean that they are currently using Eloqua. They may still be setting up their customizations, or they may be a dormant Eloqua user group. Although periodically updated, this is not an up-to-the-minute list of user groups. Additionally, just because a user group is listed does not mean the entire unit is using Eloqua. (For instance, the Department of Magic Tricks may be listed, but it may be the that only the Office of Wizard and Witch Relations is using Eloqua.) This list should be a springboard for exploration. If you have any questions about which part of a user group is using Eloqua, please contact marketingautomation@wisc.edu.

Eloqua user groups: on-boarded or scheduled on-boards 

Last updated 6/8/2022