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Uploading Contacts To Make a Shared List

Use this process to add your contacts to the Eloqua database with your group's contact label, so you can see and communicate with them.
IMPORTANT: To upload contacts, you must have an Excel document or .csv file with
at least the following data, in two separate columns:
  • Email address
  • Contact label
If you aren’t sure what your contact label is or how to format an upload document, please contact

  1. Navigate to Sign into UWMADISON using SSO (your NetID credentials).
  2. Click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Select Audience and then Contacts.


  3. On the next screen, click the Upload button.


  4. You will be taken to the Contact Upload Wizard.
    • If you want to name your list, type a title in the Name: field.
    • If you will be uploading a file other than an Excel spreadsheet, change the dropdown next to Import Source:.
    • Leave Import Purpose: and Presets: alone.
  5. Click the cloud to upload your contacts file. (Note: If you have a multisheet Excel document, only the first sheet will be imported.)


  6. In the window that pops up, navigate to where your contacts file is saved and click Open.


  7. You will be taken to Step 2 of the Contact Upload Wizard, where you will see a preview of your data. Check it over, and if everything looks fine, click Next Step.


  8. In Step 3 of the Contact Upload Wizard, you will be asked to map your Source Fields (the columns of your contacts file) to the Target Field (fields on the contact records in Eloqua). Eloqua will attempt to match your columns to its fields. Leave Uniquely Match Contacts On: as Email Address.
  • If its mapping is correct, click Next Step.

  • If you need to make changes to the mapping, double-click the Target Field you want to change and select the new field from the dropdown menu, then click Next Step.

  1. In the last step of the Contact Upload Wizard, you will select if you are notified when the upload is complete.
    If you want to receive an email when the upload is complete, type your email address in the field under Send Upload Notification To:.
  2. Make sure Place Contacts into a Shared Contact List and Create in folder are both checked.
  3. Navigate to your folder.
  4. Click Finish.


    Eloqua will upload your contacts to your desired Shared List, and you will receive an email from support@eloqua with the subject line, The contacts requested have been successfully uploaded. This email will outline how many contacts were added as new contacts and how many existing contacts were edited.

  5. You can find this list of contacts in Shared Lists, by going to the main menu and selecting Audience, then Tools > and Shared Lists. Then navigate to your folder. You can rename, copy, move, delete or open lists in this view.
UploadingContacts10.png UploadingContacts11.png UploadingContacts12.png

Don't forget that it may take 60 minutes or more for the contacts to appear, if they do not already have your Contact Label. It all depends how many uploads have occurred by other users as well. For example, August seems to be a very busy time of year so we've seen the Contact Label application process take up to 4 hours. This doesn't happen often but we recommend to upload your contacts well before you plan to send out your email.

If you're uploading more than 10,000 contacts, we recommend/appreciate if you would do your upload towards the end of the day a day before you plan to send your email. Other users may be uploading contacts and experience delays due to larger uploads.

Find out more about the types of data you can upload to your contact record in Eloqua - Uploading data to contact records. If you need to upload custom data about your contacts, please contact the Marketing Automation Team.

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