Eloqua - Where do I find ...

This guide provides an overview of where to find many features and functions in Eloqua.

You can find most of the tools you need in Eloqua in two menus:

Here's what you can find under each item:

Home menu


Click this icon to be taken back to the dashboard you see when you log in. It's an easy way to back out of any screen to the start.

Orchestration menu


This is where you put together your content (assets) and recipients (audience) into a campaign. Whether you want to do a multistep, automated campaign or just send one mass email, start here, once you have your assets and audience ready. Select Campaigns to send a mass email (a simple email campaign) or start a multistep campaign.

Assets menu


Your assets are anything you create to publish or send to your audience. They include:

Audience menu


Under Audience, you'll find your contacts, or the people who have your contact label in the Eloqua database. Contacts are organized in:

Analytics menu


Reports and dashboards are under Analytics. Make sure you only turn on your groups, campaigns and/or emails, so your data isn't skewed by other UW-Madison groups.