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InterPro - Instructor Resources - Recorded Presentations - Best Practices

This document provides best practices for creating sustainable and engaging recorded presentations

  1. Keep it short. Aim to chunk or modularize your content for recordings that are 10-15 minutes in length. Research shows that sustained human attention begins to decrease significantly after 20-30 minutes; keeping the recordings within this range will help keep the student more focused on the central message of the content.
  2. Use a title card for each new chunk of content. This helps learners understand where they are in the sequence.
  3. Limit the number of new concepts per recording. When planning out what information to present in the recording, it is good to limit the number of new concepts that will be introduced to avoid information overload on students. A manageable amount per recording is generally 3 to 7 bits of new concepts.
  4. Do not include course-specific information, such as dates and numbers. Do not include course numbers, section numbers, dates, or other course logistics that may limit the shelf-life of the content. Keep the content as neutral as possible. 
  5. Include engaging content. Consider including a mix of information and examples or problem-solving activities to promote students analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of course content.
  6. Keep it natural. Relax and have a conversational approach in the recorded presentations and let personality or teaching style come through. 

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