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Instructions for Students
  • Log in to UW-Madison Moodle.
  • Select the course. Locate the appropriate assignment and click on the assignment name. The assignment page will appear.
  • Carefully read the assignment description block and note due date and time that your instructors has setup.

Add Assignment Submission
  • Upload the submission.
    1. Click Add Submission. Students are able to add files by either using the drag and drop feature or using the File Picker feature.

Upload Single Assignment

2. Click Add to open File picker window, click Choose File to select assignment file from the computer, and click Upload this File
Note: Submit any digital content - spreadsheets, images, audio, video, or word processed documents
Important: Instructors may not allow students to change/resubmit the assignment file once it is uploaded, so be sure to upload the correct file the first time

3. The assignment will appear, then click Upload this File. The upper size limit for uploading a file: 200MB
File Picker

Important: Depending on the type of assignment the instructor created, the next steps of the process will be different.

Version A: Single-File Upload
  • Successful Upload: Select Save Changes.
Single File Upload

  • The assignment page will appear with the submitted file; submission is complete.
  • Note: If the instructor allows resubmitting, simply click Edit submission button (following the steps above) and Moodle will automatically remove the old file and replace it with the new one.
Single File Submission Status
  • Users can verify the submission date and time in the Assignments block on the course main page. Students will also receive a confirmation email from UW-Madison Moodle when their assignment has been successfully uploaded.

Version B: Multiple-File Upload
  • Follow the above instructions to submit another file.
  • Note: Users may click on the file name to view the document. If the instructor has allowed deleting, the assignment can be removed by clicking Delete.

  • Note: If the instructor has designed the assignment to allow for multiple-file uploads, users will continue to upload additional assignment materials repeating the process above.
  • A verification screen will appear and prompt the student to select Yes (to delete the file) or Cancel (to return to the previous screen).
Multiple Assignment Upload
  • Once all assignment materials are uploaded, click Save Changes.

Ensuring the Assignment is Submitted

Instructors may choose different options for Assignment submission settings in their course, and instructors have the option to allow for "draft" submissions OR have only the first submission to be the final submission with no ability to update or re-submit before the final due date. Students can verify the "Submission Status" of their uploaded assignment file(s).

Regardless of the setting that an instructor chooses, students are responsible for ensuring that their assignment files have been properly submitted, and can easily verify this by noting the submission status (see the screenshots below).

Assignments in Draft Status

Multple Assignment Upload Submitted Assignment Screen

Once the assignments have been submitted for grading, users will also receive a confirmation email from UW-Madison Moodle when their assignment has been successfully uploaded.

Note: Students can also verify their "Submission Status" for all assignments in the "Assignments" link in the Activities Block on each of their main UW-Madison Moodle course page (click to enlarge screenshot below). 

Assignment Submission Check

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