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The following document provides information on how to create and use rubrics in your course.
Benefits of using grading and evaluation criteria:
  • save time 
  • communicate expectations to students
  • create transparency with students about how their work is being evaluated and graded
  • increase consistent and equity in evaluation across a course
  • easily identify patterns in student performance
  • empower students to self and peer-review their own work

Getting started with Rubrics

  • choose 1-2 assignments to start
  • consider creating a rubric for larger assessments that are time intensive to grade and may need clearer expectations (e.g. team project, final presentation, etc.)
  • consider creating rubrics for assessments that repeat throughout the term (e.g. discussion forum responses)

How to Create a Rubric

  • identify the assessment to use the rubric
  • identify the learning outcomes to be demonstrated in this assessment - these become the evaluation criteria 
  • identify the levels of achievement by which you will evaluate the demonstrated skills, knowledge
How to Access InterPro Rubric Templates on Canvas for Your Course Materials
  • Login to Canvas and navigate to your course 
  • Navigate to the assignment you would like to use the rubric in your course
  • Select +Rubric
  • Select Find a Rubric
  • The College of Engineering should show up and you can select a rubric
  • Select Use this Rubric and then it will be attached to your assignment

Current InterPro Rubric Templates Include the following:

  • Discussion 
  • Project/Assignment 
  • Group Project 
See Sample Rubrics
  • EPD Rubric Template
See sample Scoring Guides
assessment and grading criteria table
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