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InterPro - Professional Development - USI - How to update, finalize, and distribute course rosters

This document details instructions on how to make updates to rosters that are provided at the beginning of a course, as well as how to create and distribute PDF's.

After check-in is done at the beginning of a course, a marked-up roster which includes signatures and any registrant contact updates is provided to the registration team.

1. How to make updates to the roster

2. How to create and distribute PDF's of the roster

Updates to the Roster

  1. When the reviewed roster is sent from CC, check for:
    • Missing signatures
      • Ask the Program Director to confirm whether or not registrant is at the course
        • If yes:
          • ???
        • If no:
          • ???
    • Contact updates (phone number, email, etc.)
      • Go into the registrant's account and update any necessary information
        • add steps on how to do this
  2. Wait to receive confirmation from Program Support to finalize the roster. To do so:
    • Go to USI and navigate to the course
    • Click "Edit"
    • The status field should be changed from "Active" to "Closed"
      • If someone would like to enroll after the course has closed, they will need to contact the Program Director or Program Support.
        • who is they?

Creating and Distributing PDF's

  1. Go to USI and navigate to the course
  2. Go to the "Reports" tab
  3. There are 3 different reports that should be made:
    1. Roster with Instructor(s)
    2. Student Roster with Lines that has all students' information.
      • Note: This is used as the instructor copy, and will include everyone registered for the course.
    3. Student Roster Without Lines
      1. Note: This is the copy that can be distributed to course attendees. It does not include registrants who opted out of being on the roster.
  4. To save as a PDF:
    • Go to the "Tools" tab and click on "PDF"
    • Add the course number to the front of the default file name
    • Save 
  5. Upload Rosters to "Notes/Documents" Tab within the course in USI
  6. Email a digital version of each roster to the Program Support and Program Director
    • Program Support or Program Directors will take care of distributing the rosters to instructors and students, usually electronically via the Canvas course site
  7. If a printed copy is requested by the Program Director, confirm the Instructor and Student Information.
    • Why is there an extra step to confirm before printing?
    • How do you know how many copies to print? 
    • What do you do with them after they're printed? Deliver to PD or PS? Email that they're ready for pick-up? Something else?

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