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InterPro - UW Showcase 2015 - Leveraging UW-Madison Box for Agile Course Development

Engineering Professional Development (EPD) uses UW-Madison Box to facilitate collaborative, efficient, and sustainable course development.
 EPD Showcase Poster

Over the last several years, EPD has tried using a variety of other document management systems, and we have found that they have limitations.  Additionally, EPD is rapidly increasing the number of courses and programs being offered. With this increase, comes a need for more scalable, agile workflows and tools to support those workflows.

Changes and Results
EPD's Learning Design & Technologies (LDT) unit created a multi-folder structure within UW-Madison Box for instructors and LDT staff to use during the course design, development, delivery, and evaluation process. 

A preview of the
 multi-folder structure is pictured below. For more information, see InterPro - Online Learning - Teaching Resources for Instructors - Box Folder Structure for Credit Course Development


The standardized, multi-folder structure proves useful throughout all of EPD's planning, design, development, and evaluation processes. 

EPD Course Design and Development Process

Notable Outcomes
After using UW-Madison Box for two years, notable outcomes include:
  • Efficient Collaboration:
    • Improved communication and workflow between instructors and the learning design team
    • Reduction in email attachments
  • Sustainable & Extensible:
    • Share links enable dynamic updates of course content
    • Content lives outside Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Standardized & Agile:
    • Reusable course shells and templates applied across courses and programs
    • Parallel folder structure in LMS
  • Accessible & Mobile:
    • Access course material on all devices
    • Streamlined delivery of video and tagged PDFs

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact EPD's Learning Design & Technologies team at

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