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EPD supports the Explain Everything app to create annotated recorded presentations/screencasts on mobile devices.
 Materials Needed

  • Microphone and headset 
  • Mobile device with Explain Everything installed
  • Explain Everything support documentation
  • Materials needed for the recording (slides, graphics, etc.)
  Overall Workflow

1. Start a new project in Explain Everything by importing existing files. 
      • Ideally, use the finalized version of presentation slides saved in the Box course development folders. 
      • If complex equations are needed, EPD recommends the MathPad app to easily generate equations. 

2. Save the untitled project locally at the start of the session, prior to recording. 

      • Use an appropriate naming convention (ie. EPD-Course#-Unit#-TopicName-SubTopicName.)

3. Preview imported slides to ensure they are formatted properly and edit/update if necessary.
      • Note: Smart art and animations do not translate well into Explain Everything.

4. Become familiar with the annotation tools needed for the presentation. 
      • Press and hold a tool's icon in the tool bar to reveal the settings for that tool. 

Explain Everything interface

5. Record.

Notes about Recording

      • Push the record button to start and pause to stop.
      • As you advance through the slides, the recording continues.
      • The recording done on each slide stays with the slide, so they are self-contained.
      • To review the recording for a slide, navigate to that slide using the slide sorter. 
      • Anything that is annotated on the slide becomes a part of the recording.

6. Edit

Notes about Editing 
      • Basic Editing is done at the slide-level. 
      • Tap on the timer to reveal the timeline
      • The timeline shows the recording and allows you to edit. 
      • Use the playhead (red line) within the timeline to scrub through the video to spot check and review.
      • Each kind of content (audio and annotation) is on its own horizontal track in the timeline.

Cut & Trim Content

Instructors are responsible for making basic edits to their explain everything projects. For example, they may need to cut the beginning or end of the recording, or they may also cut small segments from within the video. Here are the basic steps for editing:

1. Move the play head (red line) to needed position by sliding the timeline left or right. 
2. Tap and hold the red line to reveal the edit menu.
3. Select Set Mark to mark the beginning (or end) of the area to be trimmed. 
4. Repeat steps 1-3 (as needed).
5. The clip will turn yellow. Select Delete and Compact to remove the clip without leaving a gap. 

7. Export the project to Box by selecting the export button (bottom right corner) to upload the explain everything project file to the appropriate course development folder in Box. 
      • Be sure that the Projects tab, not the video tab is selected when you choose Box from the export screen. 
      • The project file is needed for processing and future editing. 

For more detailed information, please review the following documentation: 

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