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InterPro - NameCoach - Add a Namebadge to Outlook Email Signature

NameCoach is a web-based platform used to record and share a Namebadge. A Namebadge includes a recording of your name's pronunciation in your own voice. Your Namebadge can be added to your Outlook email signature to share with others.

NameCoach Namebadges

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Application and Limitations
How to Create a Namebadge
How to Add a Namebadge to Your Outlook Email Signature
Avoid these Pitfalls


NameCoach is a free cloud-based service used to create a Namebadge.  

A Namebadge can include the following.

  • A recording of your name in your voice
  • Notes to help others pronounce your name
  • Gender pronouns
  • Your picture
  • Your name story, e.g. where your name comes from or what it means, or an interesting story about your name

Your Namebadge can be shared by adding it to your Outlook email signature.

Application and Limitations

Adding your Nambadge to your Outlook email signature can help others learn the correct pronunciation of your name, help them communicate with you with confidence, and foster a culture of belonging. 

Email recipients click on the Namebadge button located in your email signature to access your Namebadge. An example of a Namebadge button in an email signature is shown below.

Namebadge added to Outloook email signature


  1. Log in to NameCoach.  
  2. Click My Namebadge from the menu at the top of the page. 

My Namebadge located in the menu at the top of the screen.

How to Create a Namebadge

1. If this is the first time using Namebadge, click Record Your Name

Click Record Your Name to record the pronunciation of your name

If you have previously recorded your name and need to edit it, click Update.

Update your name recording in NameCoach

2. Record your name using NameCoach's web audio recorder (recommended). To begin, select Web Recorder and click the Record button. A countdown from 3 will start. 

Record your name via the web recorder

3. After the countdown, say your name clearly then click the square stop button.

Recording stop button

4. After you have stopped the recording, press Play to hear your recording or click the Record Again button to rerecord your name. 

Play to hear your recording or rerecord it

5. When you are finished, click the Submit and Finish button. 

Click the Submit and Finish button to submit your recording

Note: You can also record your name via an automated phone call or you can upload a recording of your name (as an .mp3, .mp4, .m4a, or .wav file). To choose one of these options, select the appropriate radio button next to Phone or Uploader and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Record by phone or upload a file

    The following steps are optional and recommended.

    6. Add pronunciation notes (e.g. phonetic spelling) by clicking the pencil icon under Pronunciation Notes and typing in the pronunciation notes field. 

    Add pronunciation notes by clicking the pencil icon under Pronunciation notes 

    7. Add your gender pronouns by clicking on the pencil icon under Gender pronouns and typing in the pronouns field. 

    Add your gender pronouns by clicking the pencil icon under Gender pronouns

    8. Add your photo by clicking on Add Photo (optional) > Choose File > (select photo) > Save. Photos must be less than 10 MB and have a png, gif, jpeg, or jpg extension. 

    Select and save the photo to your Namebadge

    9. Add your name story by clicking Edit note under any name story prompt you wish. After typing, click Save Changes

    Edit any part of your name story

    How to Add a Namebadge to Your Outlook Email Signature

    1. Scroll below the name story prompts and click the Add Namebadge to your Email Signature tab. 

    2. Select a button or Namebadge link to add to your email signature. Click on Copy button with text (recommended), Copy button without text, or a Namebadge link to copy to your email signature.

    Copy a Namebadge button or link for your email signature

    3. Paste the button or link into your Outlook email signature.

    If you need help adding or editing your Outlook email signature, see Microsoft 365 (Outlook on the web | Outlook for Windows/MacOS) - Add an email signature (UW-Madison). 

    Avoid these Pitfalls

    Before sending the first email containing your Namebadge in your email signature, click the Namebadge button or link to verify your email recipient will have access.


    NameCoach Overview (UW-Madison)

    NameCoach - Add Namebadge to Email Signature (UW-Madison)

    NameCoach (UW-Madison Information Technology)

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