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InterPro Course Design & Development Toolbox

The InterPro Course Development Toolbox provides instructors and Program Directors with needed resources to facilitate the planning, design, development, delivery, and evaluation of their course.
Through out each phase of the process, consult with the InterPro Learning Design and Technologies team, as needed. 

 1. Analyze Who? What? Why? How?

1.1 Evaluate the context and needs of your learners.
1.2 Identify course goals (align with program/certificate goals and promo)
1.3 Review the Course Development Process and Timeline diagram.
1.4 Read Instructional Support and Course Development Partnership info.
1.5 Determine the optimal method of course delivery.
1.6 Complete the course development questionnaire.

 2. Design Begin with the end in mind
2.1 Read Course planning 
2.2 Review best practices for teaching and learning.
2.3 Setup a standard Box folder structure to organize course materials.
2.4 Read Write learning objectives
2.5 Read Assessment and measurement
2.6 Build a course design map, a blue-print for the course.
 3. Develop It's an iterative process; use standard structures and supported systems
3.1 Read Instructional Materials.
3.2 Use InterPro templates to produce content, learning activities, and assessments. 
3.3 Consult with and schedule technologies orientations with the LDT team
3.4 Conduct course Quality Review/Quality Control process. 
 4. Deliver Engage learners
4.1 Read Online instructor roles
4.2 Read Principles of good practice
4.3 Read Course activities and learner interaction.
4.4 Read Supporting eLearners
4.5 Read Communication and participation.
4.6 Read Online discussions
4.7 Craft a welcome message.
4.8 Deliver content; facilitate and assess learning.
4.9 Troubleshoot technologies or systems issues, as needed - may contact InterPro Onlinesupport.
4.10 For credit courses only, submit final grades via Faculty Center
 5. Evaluate Strive for continuous improvement
5.1 Complete learner course evaluation.
5.2 Complete instructor/program director evaluations.
5.3 Review evaluation data; propose and implement future changes.

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