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InterPro - Online Learning - Canvas - Creating and Submitting Digital Video Assignments

This help document provides instructions and links to help students who need to create digital media assignment deliverables (i.e., videos or audio), and submit them to Canvas LMS.

Option A: Use Kaltura MediaSpace Tools to Create, Edit, Store and Submit your Assignment to Canvas LMS

1. Create video using Kaltura Capture which is integrated with Canvas LMS

With this option, you will use UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace to record and store your video.   To prepare for recording your video, view the following short video tutorials on how to record with Kaltura Capture. 

For further detailed instructions, please refer to the following documents.

2. Submit video file via the Canvas LMS Assignment Submission Page

Once you have your completed video file, and have it stored in Kaltura MediaSpace, you will simply add the file to a Canvas assignment submission using the following instructions. *Since you used Kaltura Capture to record and store your video, you will likely just need to select your stored video in step 5 of these instructions to embed the video to your assignment submission.

Option B: Use Your Own Video Tools and Software, and then Submit Assignment file to Canvas LMS

1. Create video with your own tools/software

If you are already comfortable with some other method for recording (and editing) digital video, then use those tools.  All finalized videos must be .mp4 or .mov video file format. Some ideas for creating video, include:  Use an iPhone, iPad, other mobile device, webcam, or even a GoPro.  If you need to edit the video, there are lots of free video editing software available on both Mac, PC or Mobile to put the finishing touches on your video. 

2. Upload Video and Submit via Canvas LMS Assignment Submission Page 
Once you have your completed video file, you will simply upload the file via the Canvas Assignment page using the following instructions.  *Since you used option B and created your video outside of Kaltura and Canvas, when using the submission instructions below, you’ll want to first use the “Media Upload” option in step 5 of the instructions below: 

Submitting Digital Media (video/audio) Assignment Deliverables in Canvas

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