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The page Explorer automatically opens when a file is uploaded into the Whiteboard. 
Additional detailed information is accessible via the PDF User's Guide, pg. 208-225 or in the following video overview.

*** Please note: Mobile does not currently support page explorer. Read more here: EPD - eHelp - Technologies - Blackboard Collaborate - Known Issue - Mobile & Presentation

Page Explorer allows users to:
  • Navigate between pages
  • Navigate to private pages (only visible by user)
  • Navigate to other pages while leaving participants on a set page
  • Edit the properties of multiple pages at once
  • Create Page Groups
  • Rearrange Page Groups
Navigation and Basics
When the Page Explorer is open, the Navigation bar is located at the top of the Page Explorer window.

1 Previous Page Button
2 Next Page Button
3 Go to Page drop-down Menu
4 Page Counter
5 Follow Option
6 Explore Mode
7 Navigation Options Menu

1 & 2 Use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons to move within the current page Group. The navigation buttons allow for navigation only through the current page Group. Go to Page Menu or the Page Explorer to go to a different page Group.

3 Use the Go to Page menu to select and move to a particular page. When moving to a private page or a page belonging to a different room, or have Explore Mode activated, other Participants will remain on their current page.

4 The Page Counter reflects the position of the current page within its Page Group.

5 The Follow option allows for control whether or not others in the session will "follow" as pages are navigated through in the Whiteboard. By default, it is enabled in the main room and disabled in the breakout rooms. For more information, see the Follow Option.

6 Explore Mode enables a Moderator to navigate to other pages while leaving Participants on the current page when Explore Mode is activated. For more in formation, see Explore Mode.

7 The Navigation Options menu contains a menu item to open the page Explorer. For more information, see Using the Page Explorer.

Create and Arrange Groups for Separate Presentations

1. From the Blackboard Collaborate menu, select File  New  Whiteboard Page Group.
*** Please note: Because Mobile does not support page explorer, mobile users cannot view powerpoints loaded into whitebord page groups. Read more here: EPD - eHelp - Technologies - Blackboard Collaborate - Known Issue - Mobile & Presentation

2. Enter a name for the Page Group in the text box provided and click OK.
  • Note: If the groups are being created for student presentations, the naming convention for Groups is as follows: Student Last name, Student First name. Example: Smith, Jones. The groups are arranged in alphabetical order, so using the students' last names assists with content management.

The new Page Group will be created with one blank page. The desired Group must be selected in the "Go to Page" menu when loading content for that group. Otherwise, the presentation will be loaded into the Main Group as the default.

Pages within the page explorer can be arranged, including moving pages between different groups, by dragging and dropping the selected pages into their new location.

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