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Database by item and Checkout Requirement. Use the searchable database to check TEAM Lab's inventory.

Searchable database (updated 05/13/2019)

Key for the Checkout Requirements

N/F (NO FEE) – Material or research fee IS NOT required to be paid to check out this item following standard TEAM Lab checkout procedure for usage outside of TEAM Lab spaces.

Fee - Material or research fee IS required to be paid to check out this item following standard TEAM Lab checkout procedure.  Note all users must pay the fee to work in any of TEAM Lab’s spaces.

L/O (LAB ONLY) – These items can only be checked out to be used within TEAM Lab’s spaces for that day and must be returned by the student prior to leaving the space.

Item C/O Req
#6 - 1/2" HSS Capscrew Counterbore Set L/O
1/8" - 3/4" Pipe Tap Reamer Set L/O
1mm - 13mm Metric Reamer Set L/O
Collet Stop L/O
Fractional Reamer Set L/O
Keyless Mill Drill Chuck L/O
Large NPT Drill and Tap Set  L/O
Letter Reamer Set L/O
long taps set L/O
Metric Counterbore set L/O
NPT Tap Set L/O
Numerical Reamer Set L/O
R8 Collet (for Mills) L/O
Microfile Set Fee
Ballpeen Hammer N/F
Brass Hammer N/F
Claw Hammer N/F
Deadblow Hammer N/F
DeWalt Rapid Load Hex Driver Set Fee
Ear Protector (Ear muff) N/F
Flat Bastard File N/F
Hacksaw Fee
Handi-Cut N/F
Jigsaw Blades Fee
Mr.Grip Stripped Screw Hole Repair Kit Fee
New Razor Blade Scraper Fee
Pail Opener N/F
Paint Can Opener N/F
Phillips Driver Bit N/F
Round File N/F
Scissor N/F
Small Hacksaw Fee
Tape Dispenser  Fee
Headband Magnifier Fee
Flashlights Fee
Speed Square N/F
1/16 - 29/64" Twist Drill Bit (1/8, 1/4, 3/8) Fee
1/8 - 39/64" Reamer (1/4, 3/8, 1/2) L/O
5/8 - 1" Reamer (3/4) L/O
Misc Reamer L/O
Tapered Reamers #1-#8 L/O
Keyless Drill Chuck Wrench L/O
15/32 - 43/64" Twist Drill Bit (1/2, 5/8) Fee
11/16 - 7/8" Twist Drill Bit (3/4) Fee
57/64 - 1 1/32" Twist Drill Bit (1) L/O
1 3/64 - 1 3/16" Twist Drill Bit L/O
1 13/64 - 1 11/32" Twist Drill Bit L/O
1 23/64 - 1 5/8" Twist Drill Bit L/O
1 11/16 - 2" Twist Drill Bit L/O
Morse Taper Adapters L/O
Green Part Tool Box L/O
Layout Fluid L/O
Paint Marker Fee
CNC Mill 1 Part Stock L/O
Green Part Beta Part Stock L/O
Green Part Alpha Part Stock L/O
Calk-In Wall Anchor Tools Fee
1 1/2" 6 Flute Endmill L/O
1 1/4" 6 Flute Endmill L/O
1 1/8" 6 Flute Endmill L/O
1" 4-Flute Endmill L/O
1/2" Thick Parallel L/O
1/4" Thick Parallel L/O
1/64" - 1/16" Endmill L/O
1/8" - 1" 2 Flute Endmill  L/O
1/8" - 1" 4 Flute Endmill L/O
1/8" - 9/64" Endmill L/O
1/8" Thick Parallel (Normal Parallels) L/O
12" Long Fractional Drill Set L/O
3/4" 4-Flute Endmill L/O
5/32" - 11/32" Endmill L/O
5/64" - 7/64" Endmill L/O
7/8" 4-Flute Endmill L/O
Angle Block Set L/O
HSS Corner Rounding Endmill set 1/16" - 3/8" L/O
Long Dowel Pin Fee
Short Dowel Pin Fee
Spacer Block L/O
Thin Parallel L/O
Adjustable (Crescent) Wrench N/F
Dial Indicator L/O
Half Round File N/F
Mill Bastard File N/F
Triangular File N/F
Face Shield Fee
Micro Precision Drill Chuck L/O
Center Punch N/F
Glass Cutter N/F
Handheld Hole Punch N/F
Hard Rubber Brayer Roller N/F
Hemostat (medical scissors) N/F
Pin Punch N/F
Razor Blade Scraper N/F
Razor Blades Fee
Scalpel N/F
Scribe (Pick) (Scratch Awl) N/F
Small Picks N/F
Spring-loaded Auto Punch N/F
Synthetic Bees Wax Fee
Tap-Ease (solid stick lubricant) Fee
Tweezer N/F
Unibit (step drill, christmas tree bit) Fee
Utility Knife N/F
Utility Knife Blades Fee
Vinyl Floor Knife N/F
X-Acto Blade Fee
X-Acto Knife N/F
Short Keystock L/O
V-Block L/O
V-Block Clamp L/O
Wavy Parallel L/O
0-1" Digital English Micrometer L/O
0-1" English Micrometer Fee
0-1" Tube Micrometer L/O
0-25mm Metric Micrometer L/O
1-2" English Micrometer Fee
25-50mm Metric Micrometer L/O
Micrometer Wrenches L/O
Small Hole gauge/gage L/O
Thread Micrometer L/O
Vernier Caliper Fee
0.2-1.2" Inside Micrometer L/O
0-1" English Depth Micrometer L/O
2-3" Digital English Micrometer L/O
3-4" Digital English Micrometer L/O
Micrometer gauge/gage Blocks L/O
Telescoping gauge/gages L/O
0.2" Edgefinder L/O
0.5" Edgefinder L/O
Ames Lettering Guide Fee
Contour Gauge (Profile Gauge) L/O
Countersink Angle gauge/gage L/O
Drill gauge/gage Fee
English Thread Checker gauge/gage L/O
Feeler gauge/gage (Feather gauge/gage) L/O
Metric Thread Checker gauge/gage L/O
Plate Metal gauge/gage Fee
Protractor N/F
Radius gauge/gage  Fee
Sheet Metal gauge/gage Fee
Surface Finish Comparator gauge/gage L/O
Tape Measure N/F
Wiggler L/O
Wire gauge/gage Fee
12" Ruler N/F
6" Ruler (Scales) N/F
Combo Square N/F
Machinist square L/O
Protractor Head (For Combo Square) N/F
Drawing Compass Fee
Inside Dividers Fee
Outside Dividers Fee
Wire Cutter N/F
Wire Stripper N/F
Acid Brush (Cutting Oil Brush) Fee
Bench Brush Fee
Long Q-tips Fee
Misc Brushes Fee
Tongue depressors Fee
Toothpicks Fee
Wire Brush Fee
File Card  L/O
Impact driver Fee
micro screwdriver sets N/F
Plastic bags Fee
Screw driver bit (square head, torx head, Etc…) N/F
Bit Drivers N/F
Driver Bits N/F
6" Digital Caliper N/F
Calculator L/O
MSC Catalog L/O
Safety Glasses N/F
Three Hole Punch L/O
Countersink Fee
Dead center Fee
Hand Countersink N/F
Hole Deburring Tool N/F
Sheet Metal Deburr Tool Fee
Spring Loaded Dead center Fee
Swivel Deburring Tool N/F
Swivel Deburring Tool Blades Fee
Box end wrench N/F
open end wrench N/F
90 degree screw driver N/F
Flathead Screwdriver N/F
Phillips Screwdriver N/F
Short Screwdrivers N/F
Vise Grip Locking clamp pliers N/F
Tape (Variety of types) Fee
Teflon Tape (Plumbers Tape, PTFE Tape) Fee
Needle Nose Pliers N/F
Pliers N/F
Tap Blocks  Fee
Tap Handles Fee
Caulk Gun Fee
Epoxy Glue Adhesive Fee
Glue (Adhesive) Fee
JB Weld Glue Adhesive Fee
RTV Gasket Glue Adhesive Fee
Silicone Adhesive Glue Sealant Fee
Super Glue Adhesive Fee
Allen Wrenches N/F
English Hex key L set N/F
English Hex key loose N/F
English Hex key multitool set N/F
Metric Hex key L set N/F
Metric Hex key loose N/F
Metric Hex key multitool set N/F
Bar clamps Fee
Electrical extension cords Fee
Hand truck Fee
Large plastic tub L/O
Mop bucket for checkout Fee
Project cart locking bars Fee
Racks of Hose Clamps Fee
Wire (22, 20, 18, 14, 12 gauge/gage) Fee
Scroll saw blades Fee
New Cutoff Discs Fee
New Flap Discs (Type 27 and 29) Fee
New Wire Wheels/cups Fee
18-14 gauge/gage solderless ring terminals Fee
Aligator electrical testing wire Fee
Car Battery "Accessories" Fee
DC power supply L/O
Electrical Conduit Hardware Fee
Electrical plug spliter Fee
ESD / Anti-Static Tape Fee
Jigsaw blades Fee
Large Fuse Fee
Large spools of wire Fee
Misc. / Unlabeled Wire Fee
Misc. Wire Cutoffs Fee
Paint brush - foam & bristle Fee
Plug electrical tester Fee
Sawzall blades Fee
Small drill bit (61-80) Fee
Small fractional drill (1/64, 1/32, 3/64) Fee
Small scrubing brushes Fee
Spare air hose Fee
Misc Electrical Fee
hacksaw blades Fee
Carriage bolts Fee
Cup Grinding Wheels  Fee
Drill Side Handles Fee
Drywall screws Fee
Flap Disks for hand grinders Fee
Fuse Pullers Fee
Knobs Fee
Lag bolts Fee
New flap wheel Fee
New Rolls of sandpaper Fee
new sanding drums Fee
New Sandpaper Sheets Fee
Particle Board Screws Fee
Pt, AlO Paper Sheets Fee
Sanding Disks Fee
Self-tapping screws Fee
Sheet metal screws Fee
Thumb Screw Fee
Wing Nut Fee
Hammer handle Fee
Sheet Metal Screw Fee
Cleaning Wipes Fee
Glass cleaner Fee
Odds and Ends/"No Home" fasteners Fee
10 amp Fuses Fee
3-Prong T-Nut Fee
4-Prong T-Nut Fee
6-Prong T-Nut Fee
Calk Anchor Fee
Calk In Anchor Fee
Glass Fuse Fee
Hammer Drive Nail Anchor Fee
Masonry Anchor Fee
Masonry Screw Fee
Medium Fuse Fee
Misc Fuses Fee
Nylon Nail Fee
Screw In Fuse Fee
Small Fuse Fee
Snaptoggle Wall Anchor Fee
Toggle Bolt Parts Fee
Wall anchors Fee
1/2 Metal Pipe Fitting Fee
1/4 Metal Pipe Fitting Fee
1/8 Metal Pipe Fitting Fee
3/8 Metal Pipe Fitting Fee
Captive Bolts Fee
Misc Dowel Pin Fee
Misc Metal Pipe Fitting Fee
Square Head Bolts Fee
Standoffs Fee
Stud Screw Fee
Taper Dowel Pin Fee
Arbor Press Table Jig Fee
Cotton Ball Fee
Cotton Swab Q-tip  Fee
Plastic pill vials Fee
Tongue depressors Fee
Scotch Brite Bright abrasive scrub pad Fee
Large Torque Wrench L/O
Larger Torque Wrench L/O
7" large angle grinder Fee
Electric Die Grinder Fee
Large pneumatic air Sander  Fee
Doming Block Set Fee
Letter punch stamp N/F
Number punch stamp N/F
Transfer punches Fee
Engraver  Fee
Large air sander disc Fee
Large grinder disc Fee
Spring Scale Fee
Torque Wrench Fee
Grease Gun Fee
Extra Tap Handle L/O
Large Die Stock Handle Fee
Large Tap Wrench Handle Fee
Lock Nut Wrench Fee
Mechanic's Wrench Fee
Pipe Wrench Fee
NPT Pipe Dies Fee
NPT Thread Checkers L/O
Pipe Die Stock Fee
Pipe Ream Fee
Pipe taps and pipe dies Fee
Auto Socket Set Fee
Auto tools, miscellaneous Fee
Battery Terminal Brush Fee
Chain Breaker (Chain Separator) Fee
Exhaust spreader expander Fee
Harmonic Balance Puller Fee
Hitch Ball Fee
Hydraulic Jack Fee
Large Breaker Bar Fee
Linen Cloth Bag Fee
Rubber Tire Repair Kit Fee
Timing Light Fee
Tire pressure gauge/gage Fee
Tire wrench Fee
24" 36" Large Calipers L/O
Spare Dremel Parts (Dremel Accessorys) L/O
Cotton mat roll Fee
Lock Wire Fee
Nichrome Wire for foam cutter Fee
Piano Wire Fee
Small Wire Fee
Twine String Rope Fee
Extra Hold Downs T-Nuts L/O
Extra Lathe tool bit L/O
Lathe Dog L/O
Deep Throated Micrometer Fee
Digital Micrometer Fee
Disc Micrometer Fee
12" Depth micrometer dial Fee
12" Digital Caliper Fee
4" Digital Caliper Fee
6" Dial Caliper N/F
Depth Micrometer Set 0"-3" Fee
Digital Depth gauge/gage Fee
Digital Depth Micrometer 0"-6" Fee
Electronic Depth Micrometer Fee
Internal Micrometer Set Fee
Metric Depth Micrometer Fee
Precision Protractor Fee
Hypodermic Needles Syringe Fee
Kant-Twist clamp (Machinist Clamp) L/O
Miscellaneous Clamp N/F
Small C-clamp N/F
Spring Clamp N/F
Knurling Tool L/O
Brazed Carbide lathe tool L/O
Lathe Tool bit L/O
Lathe tool bit holder L/O
Chuck key holder L/O
Extra Chuck key L/O
Lathe chuck key (Chuck wrench) L/O
Bore gauge/gage L/O
Digital Bore gauge/gage L/O
Beading Machine L/O
Chassis punch Fee
Hand Sheet Metal Punch Whitney  Fee
New & Sharpened hole debur tool L/O
Slitting Saw L/O
Slitting Saw Arbor L/O
Slitting Saw Blades L/O
Drill Chuck Shanks (Chuck Tapers) L/O
Keyed Drill Chuck L/O
R-8 Hard collet L/O
Spare Morse Adapter L/O
Miscellaneous wrench N/F
Brass Weight kilogram gram Fee
micrometer gauge/gage Set  L/O
Pound Scale Fee
100 Degree Countersink L/O
Counter Sink 60 & 90 & 100 & Large Fee
Custom Counter bore set Blue and Red L/O
Specialty Countersink L/O
New 1 2 flute endmill L/O
New 1/2 2 flute endmill L/O
New 1/4 2 flute endmill L/O
New 1/8 2 flute endmill L/O
New 11/32 2 flute endmill L/O
New 3/16 2 flute endmill L/O
New 3/4 2 flute endmill L/O
New 3/8 2 flute endmill L/O
New 5/16 2 flute endmill L/O
New 5/8 2 flute endmill L/O
New 7/16 2 flute endmill L/O
New 7/32 2 flute endmill L/O
New 9/16 2 flute endmill L/O
New 9/32 2 flute endmill L/O
New Misc 2 flute endmill L/O
New 1 4 flute endmill L/O
New 1/2 4 flute endmill L/O
New 1/4 4 flute endmill L/O
New 1/8 4 flute endmill L/O
New 11/32 4 flute endmill L/O
New 3/16 4 flute endmill L/O
New 3/4 4 flute endmill L/O
New 3/8 4 flute endmill L/O
New 5/16 4 flute endmill L/O
New 5/8 4 flute endmill L/O
New 7/16 4 flute endmill L/O
New 7/32 4 flute endmill L/O
New 9/16 4 flute endmill L/O
New 9/32 4 flute endmill L/O
New Misc 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 1 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 1/2 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 1/4 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 1/8 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 11/32 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 3/16 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 3/4 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 3/8 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 5/16 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 5/8 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 7/16 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 7/32 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 9/16 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 9/32 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened Misc 2 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 1 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 1/2 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 1/4 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 1/8 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 11/32 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 3/16 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 3/4 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 3/8 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 5/16 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 5/8 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 7/16 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 7/32 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 9/16 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened 9/32 4 flute endmill L/O
Sharpened Misc 4 flute endmill L/O
Used 2 flute endmill L/O
Used 4 flute endmill L/O
45 degree endmill L/O
6 flute endmill large 1 1/4 2" L/O
Ball endmill 1 L/O
Ball endmill 1/2 L/O
Ball endmill 1/4 L/O
Ball endmill 1/8 L/O
Ball endmill 3/16 L/O
Ball endmill 3/4 L/O
Ball endmill 3/8 L/O
Ball endmill 5/16 L/O
Ball endmill 5/8 L/O
Ball endmill 7/16 L/O
Dovetail Cutter/Endmill L/O
Miscellaneous endmill L/O
Roughing endmill L/O
T slot cutter L/O
Biscuit jointer Fee
Double cut saw Fee
Double Cut Saw Tool Fee
Double Cut Saw Wax Fee
Flap wheel angle grinder Fee
Wire wheel angle grinder Fee
Cut-off wheel angle grinder Fee
Grinding wheel angle grinder Fee
Corded 3/8 Drill Fee
Corded 1/2 Heavy duty Drill Fee
Corded 90 degree drill Fee
Portable Belt sander Fee
Circular Saw Fee
Drill Handle Fee
Large Square Sander Fee
Milwaukee Router Fee
Jig Saw Fee
Router Planer Kit Fee
Magnetic Square Fee
Mighty Mag magnet Fee
Balance L/O
Height gauge/gage L/O
Palm Router Fee
English and Metric Socket set N/F
Small English Socket Wrench Set N/F
Socket Driver Set N/F
1 1/2" Carbide Insert Endmill L/O
1 1/4" Carbide Insert Endmill L/O
2" Carbide Insert Endmill L/O
Bridgeport Boring Head L/O
R8 Boring Bars Set L/O
Octomill (Surface Mill) L/O
English Socket N/F
Metric Socket N/F
Socket Cap Set Fee
Socket Wrench N/F
English Socket Set N/F
Hex Bit Socket Set N/F
Metric Socket Set N/F
Metric Socket Wrench Set N/F
Ratcheting Box End Wrench (GearWrench) Fee
English Socket Wrench Set N/F
Precision Wrench and Driver Set N/F
Wrench Set N/F
5C Collet Block Set L/O
Drill Chuck Arbor Fee
Drill Chuck Taper Fee
Keyed Drill Chuck Fee
Keyless Drill Chuck Wrench Fee
Spanner Wrench Fee
Large Wrench Fee
Large Pipe (Tube) Cutter Fee
Large Screwdiver Pry Bar Fee
Nail Puller Fee
Pry Bar Fee
3/16" Chain Fee
Ball Chain Fee
Misc Hardware Fee
O-Ring Fee
Round Key Tag L/O
Rubber Handle Grip Fee
Sash Chain Fee
Toggle Bench Clamp Fee
Unistrut Nut Fee
Old Dial Indicator L/O
U Bolt Fee
Sandpaper Fee
Hook and Loop Sandpaper Fee
Palm Sander Fee
Palm Sander Sanding Pad Fee
Random Orbit Sander Fee
Rubberized Abrasive Fee
Crows Feet N/F
Drag Link Socket N/F
Large Socket N/F
Large Socket Wrench N/F
Socket Wrench Joint N/F
Special Socket N/F
Speed Wrench N/F
Driver N/F
Driver Bit N/F
Hex Adapter N/F
Hex Bit N/F
Hex Bit Driver N/F
Socket Adapter N/F
Misc File N/F
Square File N/F
New File N/F
O Ring Stock Fee
Tramming Fixture L/O
100' Measuring Tape Fee
50' Flexible Steel Fish Tape Fee
50' Measuring Tape Fee
Carpenter Square N/F
Handsaw Fee
Key Stock Fee
Rubber sheet Fee
T Square N/F
Telescoping Magnet Fee
Yardstick N/F
Telescoping Mirror Fee
Metric Bolt Fee
Metric Screw Fee
Desoldering Braid Fee
Flux Brush Fee
Matchbooks Fee
Propane Torch L/O
Solder Fee
Solder wick Fee
Soldering Flux Fee
Solder Fee
Chalk Fee
Chalk Line Fee
Chalk Line Chalk  Fee
Flint Fee
Flint Lighters Fee
Magnetic Base Fee
Mill Stop Fee
Mill Stop Base Fee
Torch Head L/O
Indicator Stand Fee
Digital Dial Indicator L/O
New Dial Indicator L/O
Kneepad Fee
Leather Work Gloves Fee
Spare Welding Glove Fee
Work gloves - leather N/F
Soldering Iron Fee
Soldering Iron Holder Fee
Soldering Magnifier Fee
Soldering Sponge Fee
Alligater Clip Jumper Wire Fee
Multimeter / Volt meter Fee
Tube Bender Fee
1 1/2" x 2" 60 Grit Sanding Roll Fee
1 1/2" x 2" 80 Grit Sanding Roll Fee
Tygon Tube Fee
Small Plastic Tubeing Fee
Helicoil Fee
Helicoil Set Fee
Big Plastic Tubeing Fee
1/16 to 7/32 Woodruff Key Fee
1/2-13 Set Screw Fee
1/4 to 5/16 Woodruff Key Fee
1/4-20 Set Screw Fee
10-24 to 10-32 Set Screw Fee
2-56 Machine Screw Fee
2-56 to 8-36 Set Screw Fee
2-64 to 3-56 Machine Screw Fee
3/4-10 Set Screw Fee
3/8-16 Set Screw Fee
4-36 to 4-40 Machine Screw Fee
4-48 to 5-40 Machine Screw Fee
5/16 Set Screw Fee
5/8-11 Set Screw Fee
6-40 Machine Screw Fee
7/16-14 Set Screw Fee
8-36 Machine Screw Fee
New Centerdrill L/O
Paint Scraper N/F
Rasp Fee
Wood Chisel Fee
Angle Meter Fee
Digital Level L/O
Digital Stopwatch Fee
Level Fee
Magnetic Level Fee
Magnifier Fee
Measuring Magnifier Fee
Plumb Bob Fee
Speed Indicator Fee
Stopwatch Fee
Arch Punch Fee
Leather Punch Fee
Gear Puller Fee
Coping Saw Fee
Flush Cut Saw Fee
Jab / drywall Saws Fee
Key hole Saws Fee
Plane Bit Fee
Plane Brace ("Brace" Drill) Fee
Wood Auger Bit Fee
Vinyl Floor Knife N/F
Hole Saw Fee
Chisel Fee
Cold Chisel Fee
Metal Chisel (Cold Chisel) Fee
Punch Fee
Rotabroach Fee
Dewalt Battery Drill Fee
Dewalt 18V Battery Fee
Dewalt 20V Battery Fee
Dewalt Battery Hex Driver Fee
Bosch Corded Hammer Drill Fee
Milwaukee Battery Hammer Drill Fee
Milwaukee Battery Right Angle Drill Fee
Channel Lock Plier N/F
Dewalt 20V Battery Adapter Fee
Hot Glue Guns Fee
Strap Wrench Fee
Hot Glue Gun Glue Sticks Fee
Air Tool Fee
Pneumatic 90 Degree Angle Grinder Fee
Pneumatic Cutoff Tool Fee
Pneumatic Drill Fee
Pneumatic Fitting Tool Kit Fee
Pneumatic Grinder Fee
Pneumatic Micro Die Grinder Fee
Pneumatic Mini Random Orbital Sander Fee
Pneumatic Tool Fee
Aviation Shear Fee
Hand Nibblers Fee
Nut Driver Set Fee
Nut Drivers N/F
Tin Snip Fee
Geologist Hammer (tack; rock pick) N/F
Hammer N/F
Plastic Hammer N/F
Rubber Hammer N/F
Rubber Mallet N/F
Bungee Cord Fee
Ratcheting Strap Fee
Tig welding spare tungsen Fee
Welding shoe cover Fee
Face shield headgear L/O
Welding C-clamp L/O
Welding corner table clamp L/O
Welding shoe covers - spats L/O
Welding sleeves L/O
Welding toggle clamp L/O
12" sanding wheel L/O
3M sanding sponge - medium Fee
5" & 7" grinding wheel Fee
5" & 7" sanding wheel Fee
6-9" cutoff wheel Fee
Assorted flap sanding wheel Fee
Assorted sanding rolls Fee
Buffing compound L/O
Buffing wheel L/O
Ellis sander/grinder (2.5x60) belt L/O
Large Flap sanding wheel Fee
Polishing compound L/O
Polishing wheel L/O
portable belt sander belts (4x24) Fee
Sand paper extra Fee
Sanding belts for Jet sanders (6x48) L/O
Speed lock abrasive disk Fee
conduit bender L/O
Hand broom L/O
Mop handle L/O
Pry bar - large L/O
Push broom L/O
tube bender L/O
Makita belt sander Fee
conduit bender - small Fee
Pipe wrench - 36" large L/O
Tube bender - small Fee
Dust pan - new L/O
Garden hose L/O
Sponge - cleaning Fee
Toe clamp machine hold downs (3/8 & 1/2) L/O
80/20 parts Fee
Bushings Fee
Nylon strap Fee
Nylon strap buckle Fee
Plastic, nylon strap adjuster Fee
aluminum sliding barrel part 3380 Fee
conduit brace Fee
conduit clamp Fee
corner bracket/brace shelf bracket Fee
handles Fee
hitch pin Fee
Large wing nut Fee
Misc. Eye bolt Fee
misc. handle Fee
plastic tube fitting Fee
plastic washer Fee
Quick link chain link Fee
Round tubing clamps Fee
safety hasp Fee
self leveling picture hanger Fee
shelving support Fee
small chain clip Fee
spring tool holder Fee
strut channel spring nut Fee
torsion hose clamp Fee
turn buckle pieces Fee
velcro hook and loop dots Fee
wire snap clips Fee
6-32 screw spacer stand-off Fee
aluminum foil Fee
assorted felt Fee
box latch Fee
coat hook Fee
concealed hinge Fee
grommet kit Fee
hitch pin Fee
large hose clamp Fee
Large spring hinge Fee
misc bearing Fee
misc ground ball Fee
misc hinge Fee
moulding clip Fee
piano hinge Fee
plastic tube caps square Fee
Rubber Grommet Fee
shelf bracket large Fee
snap hook / lifting hook Fee
snap hook and pin Fee
spring Fee
steel hook Fee
Superstrut short steel spring nut Fee
vent cover Fee
wax paper Fee
ziplock bag Fee
80/20 parts Fee
ball caster Fee
brass ball valve Fee
cabinet door latch Fee
cable clamp Fee
cable loop Fee
coil torsion spring Fee
compression spring Fee
conduit clamp Fee
cone spring Fee
drawer pull Fee
Eye Bolt Assortment Fee
Hime joint Fee
hitch pin Fee
hook and eye latch Fee
large coil spring Fee
linear  bearing shim stock Fee
lucite color selector L/O
misc hinge Fee
Nylon cable clamp Fee
small gear Fee
small pulley Fee
small turn buckles Fee
spring washer Fee
steel square washer part Fee
tension spring Fee
U-bolt Fee
New Caulk Tubes Fee
Acid brush box new Fee
Hot glue gun - new L/O
Blue chip brush L/O
coolant hose loc line Fee
Extra duct tape Fee
Extra snap cap vial Fee
Extra Tape Fee
Masking tape Fee
Packing tape Fee
paper bag Fee
plastic pill vials Fee
push sticks Fee
Sanding pads Fee
Stripe tape Fee
Needles for syringes Fee
Syringes Fee
Solder paste Fee
732 RTV silicone sealant adhesive Fee
caulk gun - new Fee
Construction adhesive tubes, power grab Fee
Double side tape Fee
Electrical tape Fee
Hot glue sticks - new Fee
Industrial cotton swab Fee
Painter tape Fee
Quick setting epoxy Fee
Silicone caulk tubes Fee
Spray glue adhesive (photo, super 77, super90) Fee
Super glue 10 packs new Fee
Velcro hook and loop tape Fee
2-part epoxy caulk gun Fee
"Good" Soldering Irons Fee
Large ratchet strap Fee
New Metric Taps L/O
Odd/Large Size Fractional Drills Fee
Odd/Large Size Metric Drills Fee
Rubber Sanding blocks Fee
Extra individual hex key (metric and SAE) Fee
corner clamp Fee
Extra screwdriver N/F
Flashlight Fee
plastic spring clamp Fee
Scissor handle tweezer Fee
Solder sponge Fee
Solder stand Fee
soldering stands Fee
spring clamp tool Fee
toggle clamp L/O
0.2" edge finder L/O
0.5" edge finder L/O
6" long drill extra L/O
wiggler L/O
drafting tool ruler  Fee
Metric dial caliper Fee
Multimeter & spare parts Fee
Tachometer Fee
Extra dial Indicator L/O
Measuring Wheel Fee
Stud finder & other meter Fee
Thermometer & probe Fee
Ear plugs - such boxes N/F
Safety goggles N/F
Particulate respirator Fee
Paper - construction Fee
Portable Bandsaw Blades Fee
Miscellaneous Electrical parts Fee
Leveling Feet/Rubber Feet L/O
Qwik-Fence Hardware Kit Fee
Extra binders L/O
Plastic parts storage containers L/O
Boring bar carbide Inserts L/O
Boring Bars L/O
Hair Ties Fee
Kurt Vise Stops L/O
Lathe Collet Stops L/O
Mill Vise Stops L/O
Misc. Extra Long Drills L/O
Scotchman tools and parts L/O
Jet belt sander belts L/O
Misc adhesives and glues L/O
Spray paint L/O
Cylinder Compression Tester Fee
Cylinder Grinder Fee
Paint mix stick Fee
Battery Load Tester Fee
Box of hardware - odd shaped eye bolts Fee
Toggle clamp vises (drill press vises) L/O
Enamel Paint L/O
Latex paint L/O
Paint remover L/O
Paint trays Fee
Polyurethane L/O
Wood stain L/O
carbide insert wood lathe tools L/O
drill chuck - for wood lathe L/O
live center - for wood lathe L/O
pen making kits L/O
wood lathe L/O
wood lathe chuck (nova chuck) L/O
wood lathe face shields L/O
wood lathe faceplate L/O
wood lathe pen mandrel L/O
wood lathe tool rests L/O
Large angle grinding wheels (9 inch) Fee
Paint mixing container Fee
Paint strainer Fee
Plastic drop cloths Fee
Plastic paint spreader Fee
Steel wool Fee
Glass suction cup handle L/O
Paint roller Fee
Paint roller handle Fee
Paint tray - disposable Fee
Paint tray - metal L/O
Painting masking paper Fee
Plastic paint spreader Fee
Plastic sheeting Fee
spray paint can trigger handle Fee
Tack cloth  Fee
Air hoses for checkout L/O
Chalk - large Fee
Tig filler rod - assorted Fee
Wire brush - welding Fee
1/4" RD Tube Clamp and Hanger Fee
C-Clip Assortment Fee
E-Clip Assortment Fee
English Keystock Assortment Fee
External Snap Rings Assortment Fee
Internal Snap Rings Assortment Fee
Keyway Assortment Fee
Metric Keystock Assortment Fee
Metric Woodruff Key Assortment Fee
Springs Assortment Fee
Stainless Steel Allen Screw Assortment Fee
Dust Mask - cheap ones N/F
Earplug N/F
N95 Respirator Fee
Respirator Dust Filter Cartridges Fee
Reusable Earplug Fee
Spare Drill Stand Fee
Spare Socket Tray Fee
Spare T-Handle Hex Key Set Fee
Treaded Rubber Mat Fee
Power Stapler Fee
Snap Ring Plier Fee
Snap Ring Plier Set Fee
Stapler Fee
Staples in boxes Fee
Cup Washer Fee
Finish Washer Fee
Flat Head Wood Screw Fee
Round Head Wood Screw Fee
Pin Spanner Fee
Hook Spanner Set Fee
Spanner Fee
Tap Extractor Fee
Zipties Fee
Heavy Duty Hammer Drill Fee
Heavy Duty Portable Bandsaw Fee
Sawzall Fee
Heat Gun Fee
Heat Shrink Tube Fee
Cable Ties Fee
Cup Hook Fee
Eye Hook Fee
Hammer In Hook Fee
L Hook Fee
Molly Hook Fee
S Hook Fee
Screw In Hook Fee
Straight Hook Fee
1/4-20 Brass Wood Insert Fee
1/4-20 Threaded Rivet Fee
Blind Rivet Cut Off Tool Fee
Corrugated Fastener Fee
Pop rivet guns Fee
Pop rivets Fee
Micro Screwdriver N/F
Micro Screwdriver Set N/F
Precision Screwdriver N/F
Precision Torx Set N/F
Torx Driver N/F
Torx Driver Set N/F
Cotter Pin Assortment Fee
D-Ring Assortment Fee
Hitch Pin Clip Assortment Fee
Hitch Pin with Detent Fee
Quick Pin Fee
Roll Pin Assortment Fee
Small Carabiner Assortment Fee
Spring Pin Assortment Fee
Hot Knife Fee
Wire Foam Cutter Fee
Wood burning tool and part Fee
Woodburning Kit L/O
Die Grinder Burr Fee
Hanging Dial Scale Fee
Floor Bathroom Scale Fee
No Drip Tape  Fee
Spare Tool Box Fee
Forstner Bit Set L/O
Spade Bit Set L/O
Speedbor Set L/O
Sanding Drum Fee
Die Grinder Flap Sanding Wheel Fee
Die Grinder Sanding Disc Fee
Cotter Pin Fee
Black Oxide Drill Bit Set Fee
Collet Use Only Flat Bottom Drills L/O
Collet Use Only Twist Drills L/O
Silver and Deming Drill Bit Set Fee
Countersinking Drill Bit L/O
Drill Bit Shelf Mini Caliper L/O
Dubbed Drill Bit Fee
Long Twist Drill L/O
Pilot Drill Set for Wood Screw L/O
Pre Drill for Wood L/O
Flat Bottom Drill Bit Fee
6" Long Drill Bit Set L/O
Misc Flat Bottom Drill Fee
Spot Drill Fee
Brad Point Drill Bit Set Fee
Extra Spade Bits Fee
Large Brad Point Drill Bit Fee
Spare Forstner Bit L/O
Spare Spade Bit Fee
Hammer Drill Bit Set Fee
Masonry Drill Bit Fee
Flaring Tool Fee
Small Tube Bender Fee
Spare T-Handle Hex Key N/F
Tube Cutter Fee
4 1/2" Angle Grinder Sanding Pad Fee
4 1/2" Angle Grinder Spanner Wrench Fee
4 1/2" Angle Grinder Surface Prep Pad Fee
4 1/2" Angle Grinder Wire Wheel Fee
Spare 4 1/2" Angle Grinder Cuting Disk Guard Fee
Arbor Press Table Jig Fee
1 1/4" Colbalt Endmill L/O
7/8" Four Flute Endmill L/O
Abrasive Compound Fee
Adhesive Fee
Adhesive Remover Fee
Adhesive Wall Hook Fee
All Purpose Cement Fee
Antibacterial Spray Disinfectant Fee
Baby Powder Fee
Baby powder  Fee
Belt Dressing L/O
Brush-On Electrical Tape Fee
Cleaner Fee
Diluted Ammonia Fee
Dry Lube Spray Fee
Electronics Glass Cleaner Fee
Elmers ProBond WoodFiller (Red Oak Color) Fee
Elmers ProBond WoodFiller (Walnut Color) Fee
Elmers School Glue Fee
Elmers WoodFiller (Golden Oak Color) Fee
Elmers WoodFiller (Natural Color) Fee
Elmers WoodFiller (Walnut Color) Fee
Elmers WoodFiller (White Color) Fee
Glue Fee
Grease Fee
Lubricant Fee
Metal Polish Fee
MT2 Taper Keyless Drill Chuck L/O
MT4 Taper Keyless Drill Chuck (for Lathes) L/O
Pipe Clamp Jaw Pad L/O
Purple PVC  Primer Fee
PVC Cement Fee
R8 Endmill Holder L/O
RAID Ant and Roach Insecticide Fee
Rubber Cement Fee
Rust Remover Fee
Silicone Spray Lubricant Fee
Small Funnel L/O
Spray Adhesive Fee
Spray Stripper Fee
Tri-Cool 1 Premium Metalworking Coolant Fee
WD-40 Fee
Wood Glue Fee
Wood Polish and Conditioner Fee
Battery Fee
Quick Clamps Fee
Long level L/O
Engineers Hammer Fee
Grabber L/O
Magnetic Hook L/O
Sledge Hammer Fee
Small Sledge Hammer Fee
Gripper Fee
Magnetic Hook Fee
Heavy Duty Corded Right Angle Driver Fee
Milwaukee Battery  Fee
Circular Saw Fee
Extension Cord Fee
Extension Cord with Multible plugs Fee
Hex Impact Driver Fee
Jigsaw Fee
Jumper Cable Fee
Adjustable Clevis Pin L/O
Clevis Pin Assortment Fee
Eye Bolt Assortment Fee
Eye Hook Assortment Fee
Eye Screw Assortment Fee
Finish Washer Assortment Fee
Rubber Grommet Assortment Fee
Tine Pin Assortment Fee
Wing Nut Assortment Fee
Dremel Kit Fee
Easy Out Fee
Left Hand Drill Bit Set L/O
Left-Handed Tap L/O
Screw Extractor and Easy Outs Fee
Miscellaneous Reamer L/O
Specialty Tap L/O
Breaker Bar Fee
Ratchet Wrench N/F
Socket Wrench Extension N/F
T-Handle Socket Wrench N/F
Die Grinder Cutoff Wheel  Fee
Hand / Die Grinder Arbors Fee
4 1/2" Angle Grinder Cut Off Disk Fee
4 1/2" Angle Grinder Grinding Disk Fee
Buffing kit Fee
Wire wheels - new and used Fee
Misc Twist Drills Fee
3-Jaw Chuck Spacer L/O
Flat Stock Stops L/O
Large V-Block L/O
Small Vise L/O
Step Block L/O
1-2-3 Block L/O
2-3-6 Block L/O
Adjustable Parallel Set L/O
Angle Block Set L/O
Angle Plate Set L/O
Machinist Jack L/O
Machinist Jack Set L/O
NPS Pipe Taps L/O
Spare Parallels Set L/O
Metric Die Fee
Metric Tap Fee
English Die Fee
Machine Screw Thread Die Fee
1 1/2"-12 Tap Fee
1 1/2"-6 Tap Fee
1 1/4"-12 Tap Fee
1 1/4"-18 Tap Fee
1 1/4"-7 Tap Fee
1 1/8"-12 Tap Fee
1 1/8"-7 Tap Fee
1 3/8"-12 Tap Fee
1 3/8"-6 Tap Fee
1 5/16"-12 Tap Fee
1 5/16"-6 Tap Fee
1 5/8"-12 Tap Fee
1"-12 Tap Fee
1"-14 Tap Fee
1"-8 Tap Fee
large one piece tap handle Fee
Round Die Stocks Fee
Thread File Fee
Assorted V-Block L/O
Misc Adjustable NC Dies Fee
Punch and Die set Fee
Tap and Die Set Fee
Extra work glove Fee
Extra A - Z Reamers L/O
Trash Can Liners Fee
Dowel Pins Fee
1/4" Shim Stock for Jay L/O
Buna-N O-rings Fee
Viton O-rings Fee
Neoprene O-rings Fee
Silicone O-rings Fee
S.S. Helicoils Fee
Shoulder bolts Fee
S.S. set screws Fee
Set Screws Fee
Milwaukee Batteries Fee
Metric S.S. screws Fee
S.S Hex bolts Fee
S.S socket head cap screw Fee
Metric Black oxide screws Fee
S.S. screws Fee
Black Oxide Socket Head Cap Screws Fee
Black Oxide Socket Head Cap Screws Fee
Black Oxide nuts and washers Fee
Construction, drywall, wood screws Fee
Finish Nails, Brads Fee
Black Oxide Screws Fee
Clear Plastic sheet Fee
Assorted Springs Fee
Woodruff Keys Fee
Roll pins Fee
Retaining Rings, snap rings Fee
Screws sorting tray L/O
Grade 8 nuts Fee
Grade 8 bolts Fee
Grade 5 nuts and washers Fee
Grade 5 bolts Fee
Grade 8 bolts Fee
Grade 5 bolts Fee
42 Gallon trash bags Fee
UNF - fine thread bolts - grade 5 Fee
UNF - fine thread nuts - grade 5 Fee
Metric bolts - zinc coated Fee
Metric nuts - zinc coated Fee
Zinc coated machine screws Fee
Zinc coated machine screws Fee
Tooth lock washers Fee
Wing Nut Assortment Fee
#4, 5, 6, 8, 10 UNC / UNF Nuts Fee
Self tapping sheet metal screws Fee
Sheet metal screws Fee
Zinc coated machine screws Fee
Wing Nut Assortment Fee
Fender washers Fee
Yellow Zinc washers Fee
Zinc washers, flat and lock Fee
Black Nylon Machine Screws Fee
White Nylon Machine Screws Fee
Plastic Machine Screws Fee
Wire Nuts Fee
Crimp on wire connectors Fee
Brass NPT fittings Fee
Brass Hose fittings Fee
Brass compression fittings Fee
Brass compression tube fittings Fee
Brass poly flow fittings Fee
Brass machine screw assortment Fee

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