Eisen Mill Guide

Before using the machine, fully read and understand the material covered in this guide. Using this guide does not mean you are a fully trained expert on a milling maching. If you have any questions please ask one of the staff.

Safety Caution

  • Rags shall be kept clear of the machine while operating. Stop the machine before attempting to wipe down its surface or the part, so rags do not become caught on rotating parts.
  • Turn machining lamp ON to have adequate visibility while operating the machine.
  • Do not run the cutting tool into the vise. Use the travel of the quill to prevent crashing the machine. Crashing the machine results in a 24 hour shop suspension.
  • Ensure proper set up of tooling and part. Ask questions if unsure.
  • Metal chips are sharp and can cause severe cuts. Do not try to remove them with your hands when they pile up. Turn machine off and use chip brush.
  • Avoid talking to anyone while running the machine. Do not permit anyone to fool around with the machine while you are operating it. The qualified person who made the reservation is the only one who should turn the machine on or off, or make any adjustments.
  • Remove sharp edges and burrs from the workpiece before removing it from the machine. Burrs and sharp edges can cause painful cuts.
  • Never clean a machine with compressed air.
  • Ask staff for help if you are unsure about any part of operating this machine.

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