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Contracts & Agreements - General Signatory Agreements (GSA) - Pre-Submission Requirements

Individuals submitting agreements through this workflow should be aware of several pre-submission requirements. They are both responsible for reading and understanding the agreement and all associated documents, as well as involving all necessary parties up front prior to submitting for approval.



  • It is an expectation that requestors read agreements and any attachments, appendices, or other documents reference in agreement.
  • Requestors may need to draft or be involved in the process of drafting an agreement.
    • Support is provided through the GSA workflow, which is a review process where clarifying questions and comments can be made and addressed prior to the execution of the contract.
  • It is also an expectation that requestors complete the cover sheet in full (this occurs once the supervisor creates the document set). Blank or one-word response cover sheets will be rejected.

Note for County-Based Educators/Coordinators

  • County-Based Educators and Coordinators work with their Area Extension Director (AED) to submit agreements through this workflow.
  • Their submissions pass through divisional approval by the Assistant Deans before going to Extension's CFO.
  • It is therefore strongly encouraged that Educators/Coordinators collaborate with their Program Manager and/or Institute Director (as necessary) prior to submitting an agreement for approval. This practice will ensure that all necessary programmatic parties are in the loop.

Common Reasons for Rejection

This list will be updated as new agreements are submitted and reviewed.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  1. The MOU was identified to be for a contractual relationship between the county and an external party. This means that an MOU was routed to the Division of Extension for signature when the legal relationship did not include the Division of Extension.
  2. The MOU was in violation of RSP policies.

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