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Pay Adjustments - Overload Payments

Overload requests are typically used for work with individuals in units OUTSIDE of the Division of Extension (e.g. individual from another unit on campus serves as an instructor for several classes of an extension program because they are uniquely qualified to teach the particular content). If there is an request for an individual within our division for additional work within our division, Extension HR should review before the work is completed to determine if an overload is appropriate. It is likely that the request will be documented and submitted with a different process (e.g. change in duties, temporary base adjustment, FTE increase, etc.). Please contact


  • Policy Overview - Consult UW-Madison Policy UW-5031 - Overload for the most up-to-date policy information. This is a brief summary of overloads: 
    • There may be situations in which full-time, exempt or non-exempt employees are asked to assume temporary additional duties (not to exceed 6 months) outside of their normal work assignments in another UW-Madison, UW System, or State Agency.
    • This work typically cannot exceed 20 percent of the employee's base salary or $18,000, whichever is greater.
    • Overload requests and payments must be approved by all parties before any work is performed.
    • Overloads should be paid within one month of when the employee performs the services.
    • Federal cost principles do not permit charging more than 100 percent of an individual's base salary to federal awards, or nonfederal funds that are used as cost sharing on a federal award. The only exception to this restriction is where the arrangement has been specifically provided for in the award or approved in writing by the sponsoring agency. Please check with OFS with any questions related to this.
  • The Division of Extension has determined that all requests for overload payments will be created and submitted by Extension HR.
  • Extension has its own divisional structure for approving overload requests. 
  • Any Supervisor that needs to request an overload should follow the instructions below to have Extension HR process. 

UW-Madison Policy Information

Instructions for Requesting an Overload Payment

1) Verify Funding

  • Contact your supervisor. This will likely be an Institute Director, Assistant Dean, Associate Dean, or Operations Director. Make sure to work with them to verify which funding that will be used to pay for the overload. 
  • Contact your financial manager for the correct funding string(s). Send a short justification, including who is paying for the overload and where the funding will come from. You will send the funding codes provided by the Office of Financial Services (OFS) to Extension HR for when they create the overload request.

2) Submit Information to Extension HR

A) General Information

  • Name and email of the employee
  • Description of Department that is requesting the overload payment (e.g. Access, Inclusion & Compliance)
  • Expected duration of the overload assignment
    • Start Date
    • End Date

B) Payment Distribution Information

Will this overload require the creation of a new appointment?

  • No/Yes
    • How to determine this:
      • No - The overload duties are appropriate to the individual's current title, subject to any applicable extramural funding restrictions (we can request a lump sum payment on their current position). 
      • Yes - The overload duties do not fit into the employee's current title, or the work is being done at a different UW institution (we will create a separate appointment with an appropriate title and FTE)
  • If you are unsure of how to determine this, contact

If the overload requires the creation of a new appointment:

  • Download the Extension Request to Fill (RTF) and follow the instructions for filling it out - Hiring - Recruitment - Pre-Recruitment - Create Request to Fill (RTF).
  • Make sure to include:
    • Title
    • Job Code
    • Whether or not this will be a lump sum payment
      • If this will not be a lump sum payment, we will need an appointment percentage (FTE)
    • Total expected payment
  • Send the drafted RTF to with the request information.
  • Extension HR will route the RTF for divisional approvals.
  • If you are unsure how to fill out the RTF, please contact

If the overload does not require the creation of a new appointment:

  • Which appointment will the overload be paid on? (only relevant if the employee already holds multiple appointments
  • Total expected payment

C) Funding Information

D) Description of Proposed Duties & Justification

  • Description of Proposed Duties
  • Justification for Overload
    • Please include as much information as possible as to why the overload is needed. If the duties are to be performed in the same job title, please indicate how the duties differ from the employee's position description. If an employee has recently resigned from the work unit creating need for an overload, please include the former employee's name and termination date. Note: An overload cannot interfere with the responsibilities of the primary position.

3) Extension HR Processes & Submits Overload Request

  • Extension HR will review your request and will follow up for additional information if necessary.
  • Extension HR will initiate the overload request through the overload system and send to the appropriate DLT rep and OFS for review and approval.  
  • Extension HR will work with ASU to finalize processing the overload request to ensure timely payment.

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