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Testimonials on behalf of speakers, consultants, vendors

Guidance for submitting testimonials for vendors, partners
Testimonials on behalf Extension faculty or staff for a vendor, partner, or speaker must be neutral in nature. Keep in mind as state employees we cannot advocate for a particular product or service. However we can offer up factual information to be used by our clients on their promotional materials such as websites and brochures. Our logo can be used along with your name, title, program, and Extension name. You can submit information such as the effort for which the client was contracted and what service was rendered.

An example of an acceptable testimonial is:

“We used their service to produce videos of our programming that we then posted to social media and hosted on our website to promote our events.”

An example of an unacceptable testimonial is:

“Their service was perfect and they did a great job helping us reach our mission.”

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