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Language Proficiency Assessment for Current Bilingual Employees

In some cases, employees who currently use bilingual (Spanish or HMoob) language skills may not have been hired into a position that was listed as bilingual. This section describes the process for employees who wish to have their language proficiency assessed for the purposes of titling and compensation adjustments.

Eligibility for current bilingual employees (Spanish or HMoob)

  • The employee must have a minimum of 12 months of service with the Division of Extension. Months of service as a UW employee prior to joining the Division of Extension will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The employee must be able to demonstrate existing efforts of programming work in the target language (Spanish or HMoob)

Process for current bilingual employees (Spanish or HMoob)

Submit Language Proficiency Assessment through OAIC Intake Form

  1. The employee notifies their supervisor of their interest in pursuing the bilingual title and compensation adjustments. The staff member and supervisor will work together to identify job functions and responsibilities that are currently being achieved by using their proficiency and skills in one of the high need languages.
  2. Supervisor meets with employee to discuss how the employee’s specific duties, responsibilities, and scope of position enhance Extension's public reach, public service, and educational outreach. The discussion should focus on defined educational needs as it relates to the employee’s scope of work. a. If there are questions about whether the employee’s scope of work is eligible for bilingual title and compensation adjustments, the supervisor may contact Extension’s Chief Diversity Officer and HR Director. The CDO and HR Director will assist in clarifying whether the employee’s request is in alignment with what can be expected of a staff bilingual staff member (for more information, please see Bilingual Staff Scope of Position Document) b. Both the employee and supervisor are responsible for keeping record of their requests for a Language Proficiency Assessment (LPA).
  3. If the supervisor supports the employee’s request for bilingual title designation, the supervisor will submit a request for a language proficiency assessment (LPA) through the OAIC intake form.
  4. Supervisor meets with OAIC to discuss LPA for the employee and assessment method (e.g. program observation).
    1. With support from supervisor, OAIC coordinates with staff member to schedule a program observation.
  5. OAIC conducts the LPA for the employee and completes the Summative Determination form.
  6. Upon completion of the LPA, the supervisor will be notified of the outcomes of that assessment. If successful, the corresponding HR title and subsequent pay adjustment will be processed. If unsuccessful, OAIC, along with the supervisor will have a conversation with the staff member (if desired).

LPA Process: Workflow for current employees with bilingual proficiency

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