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County employees that support Extension administratively or programmatically need a UW-Madison NetID. This will grant them access to UW-Madison O365 email & calendar, G Suite, and will include them on Extension's county support staff and All Extension email lists.


  • Extension and Wisconsin's 72 counties are partners in implementing local programs across the state.
  • Some county employees (non-Extension employees) are involved in Extension programming/administrative work.
  • These county employees need to be able to collaborate with Extension employees using UW-Madison O365 email accounts and G Suite accounts.
  • To have access to these tools, they will need UW-Madison NetIDs.
  • They can obtain a UW-Madison NetID through the creation of a Person of Interest (POI)record in HRS.

Extension County Employee UDDS Codes

How to Get a County Employee a UW-Madison NetID

POI form (template) that is submitted to ASU OHR:
  1. The Area Extension Director (AED) becomes aware of a new or existing county employee that will need a NetID.
  2. The AED fills out the Position Information section in the POI Form for Extension.
  3. The county employee fills out the Person Information section and signs the form. The information in this section is necessary to ensure that no duplicates are created in HRS. 
  4. The completed form must be faxed to the UW-Madison Administrative Services Unit (ASU). It cannot be emailed. Fax and contact information is on the POI Form.

County Employee Access with UW-Madison NetID

Note: Prior to UW-System Restructuring some county employees had different licensing access under UW-Extension Cooperative Extension. Current eligibility for county employees with UW-Madison NetIDs can be found under the Extension service eligibility page. 

Deactivating County Employee POI Record

  1. The Area Extension Director (AED) becomes aware that county employee no longer supports Extension programming/administrative work.
  2. AED emails and provides the following information:
    1. Name of county employee
    2. County & Area
    3. County employee email Address
    4. Date to end POI record

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