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Email Lists - Area, Zone & County Support Staff Lists

Extension has area, zone and county support staff email lists that are centrally managed. County-based employees and county support staff can send to the geographic email lists in which they are members.

How to Send to a list

Email Lists - Core Lists 


  • Extension employs many county-based positions (Extension Educators, Coordinators, FoodWIse positions) that are located in county extension offices across the state.
  • County-based employees are supervised by Area Extension Directors (AEDs).
  • AEDs provide shared administrative leadership to Extension's single- and multi-county area structure.
  • AEDs are led and managed by one of two Assistant Deans, each of whom leads a group of areas (split between north and south).
  • Geographic Email Lists are based on this administrative structure and include employees and county employee POIs. 

Geographic Email Lists

Note: The Area Lists are currently manually managed until we can get Manifest to populate based on location code. For the time being, please contact the list administrator to be added to the list if you believe you are not already a member.

Area Lists

Each single/multi-county area has an email list that includes all employees and county support staff in that area.

Extension Area Email Lists
Group   Name  Email List Address List Administrator
 ext_area_1  Area 1
 ext_area_2  Area 2
 ext_area_3  Area 3
 ext_area_4  Area 4
 ext_area_5  Area 5
 ext_area_6  Area 6
 ext_area_7  Area 7
 ext_area_8  Area 8
 ext_area_9  Area 9
 ext_area_10   Area 10
 ext_area_11   Area 11
 ext_area_12   Area 12
ext_area_13  Area 13
 ext_area_14  Area 14
 ext_area_15  Area 15
 ext_area_16  Area 16
 ext_area_17  Area 17
 ext_area_18  Area 18
 ext_area_19  Area 19
 ext_area_20  Area 20
 ext_area_21  Area 21
 ext_area_22  Area 22

Northern/Southern Areas Lists

Each group of areas under an Assistant Dean (Northern/Southern) has an email list that includes all employees and county support staff in those areas.
Northern and Southern Zone Email Lists
 Group   Name  Email List Address   List Administrator
ext_north_zone  Northern Areas
 ext_south_zone  Southern Areas

County Support Staff List

List that contains all county support staff who support extension administration and programming. 

County Support Staff Email List
Group   Name  Email List Address   List Administrator
 ext_all_county_support_staff  County Support Staff

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