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Email Lists - Core Lists

Extension has centrally-managed email lists. These lists are auto-populated with data from the Human Resources System (HRS).


  • Extension has centrally-managed ("Core") email lists (UW-Madison Google Workspace - Getting Started with Google Groups).
  • Core lists are for the most part auto-populated by employee and zero-dollar appointment data from HRS.
  • Employees and zero-dollar appointments are automatically added and removed from core lists based discrete information that makes up their HRS records (UDDS Code, status,etc.).
  • Auto-population of the lists reduces the amount of time a list administrator must spend maintaining the list.
  • Anyone not pulled in automatically will need to be manually added by the administrator (county-based employees for area lists).

Extension Core Email List Groups

How to Determine Your Core Lists

  1. Go to UW-Madison G Suite.
  2. Go to “Login to UW G Suite” and login with your UW-Madison NetID and password.
  3. Go to the menu in the top right corner and select Google Groups
  4. Review "My Groups".

How to Get Added to a Core List

  1. If you are not a member of a particular core WiscList and should be - please email the list administrator. If you are unsure who your administrator is, please email
  2. Provide them with your UW-Madison NetID.

How to Send to a Core List

  1. You must be a member of the list to send to it (see how to get added above).
  2. You can send directly to the WiscList address. 


Q: What is a “Core List”?
A: These internal email lists are primarily driven by personnel data, using a tool called Manifest. For the most part, these lists are automatically populated as people start and end employment.
Q: How are these lists created? 
A: They are for the most part automatically populated using employee job records and person of interest records. This auto-population is based on discrete information that makes up these records (e.g. Department ID, Active Status). While the majority of employees and persons of interest can be automatically populated, there is also a manual component for anyone that would not be pulled in automatically. List Administrators actively manage these manual components.   
Q: Where can I learn more about Google Groups?
Q: Where can I learn more about Manifest?
A: UW-Madison’s Manifest Help page.
Q: How long does it take for me to be able to send to a list once I have been added?
A: Up to 24 hours.

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