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ETS - VoIP/Cellular Services - Policy

Cellular/Mobile policy for Extension employees.

Authorized Users

UW-Madison’s DoIT only allows authorized users to place orders for VoIP or cellular service. Extension has identified a number of people to be authorized users within the program areas, Dean’s office and operations.  Please view the Authorized Users document to identify who is able to order VoIP or Cellular services on your behalf.

UW-Madison Policy

As a division of UW-Madison, Extension voice and telephone services will comply with UW-Madison’s Voice/Telephone Services policies.

UW-Madison Telephone Policy

Please see the UW-Madison Telephone Policy for details.  In general, it states:

UW-Madison Funded Cellular

Extension cellular service usage must comply with UW-Madison guidelines on usage and funding for University-funded cellular service. Please see the document for details. In general, it states:

  • Schools/Colleges/Divisions/Departments are authorized to obtain University-funded cellular service for employees in positions where the associated benefits justify the cost to the University. Employees who travel or have job responsibilities that include being out of their office or are continuously on call for extended periods are good candidates for assigned cellular service. Such determinations shall be made by the School/College/Division/Department.
  • University-funded cellular service/phones are intended for University business only. Personal use is prohibited, except for essential personal calls/texts of minimal duration and frequency.  Monitoring and review of usage is the responsibility of the supervisor to make sure there is not excessive personal use.

  • State DOA has a mandatory contract that must be used for the purchase of cellular services.

Equipment and Pricing

US Cellular and Verizon are the vendors on contract from which services may be purchased. There may be a one-time equipment cost depending on the device selected. There will also be a monthly charge based on the service plan selected.

Service Plans

The following plans are the recommended service plans.  If the device will be used for international travel, the Authorized User needs to contact DoIT to temporarily change the device to an international plan during the time the device is out of country.

Recommended Service Plans







Smartphone Plan Nationwide 425 

     425 Shared Voice Minutes (shared with all other lines on UW contract)

     Unlimited Data (25GB DTL) 

     Unlimited Messaging 

     WiFi Hotspot 




Mobile Broadband (25GB DTL)


US Cellular


State of WI Unlimited Voice, Message and Data 

     Unlimited Voice Minutes 

     Unlimited Data (22GB of High Speed then throttles)

     Unlimited Messaging 

     WiFi Hotspot


US Cellular


Mobile Broadband Plan 



Available plan can be viewed on the Cellular Service Pricing knowledge base article.


Extension staff may choose from Verizon Equipment Price List or the US Cellular Equipment Price List with approval from the funding authority for the UW Discount Price as indicated the price list.


Extension does not provide centralized funding for cell phones. It is the responsibility of the unit, area, or institute to identify funding support for the cellular request. The unit, area, or institute funding code will be provided in the Justification for Cellular Service document. Faculty or staff who are interested in requesting cellular support should initiate the request through their Department Chair or primary supervisor.   

Acquisition of Services

  1. Obtain approval for cellular service from the supervisor and funding authority (when funding authority is different from supervisor).
  2. Complete the Cellular Justification of Business Need

  3. Send a copy of the Cellular Justification of Business Need to your Authorized User (see ETS - VoIP/Cellular Services - Authorized Users for Purchasing)

  4. The Authorized User will place the order with DoIT

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