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Contracts & Agreements - Event Contracts - Get an Event Contract Approved

Off-campus events, programs, or activities that require short-term rentals or space use agreements, zero-cost rentals or space use agreements, catering contracts, hotel contracts, speaker contracts, or entertainer contracts must be reviewed, approved, and signed by Purchasing Services at UW-Madison prior to the event taking place. There are two workflow below: one for zero-cost event contracts and one for event contracts using funds in UW-Madison accounts.

Prior to beginning, please be sure to review Contracts & Agreements - Divisional Policy & Guidance for instructions that include changes to past practices. 


  • Extension employees do not have signature authority to sign event contracts with an external party on behalf of Extension.
  • All contracts for events taking place off-campus must be reviewed, signed, and approved by Purchasing Services at UW-Madison.
    • These workflows only apply to zero-dollar contracts and contracts paid for by Division of Extension funds in UW-Madison account(s)
    • Contracts involving funds held in accounts outside of UW-Madison cannot be signed by any Extension employee or Extension volunteer.
  • Types of event contracts include:
    • Zero-cost rentals or space use agreements (non-UW facilities);
    • Short-term rentals or space use agreements (non-UW facilities);
    • Catering contracts;
    • Hotel contracts;
    • Speaker contracts;
    • Entertainer contracts;
  • Any Extension employee planning an event should submit their contract and any other necessary documentation through these workflows for review, approval, and signature.

Zero-Dollar Event Contracts Workflow

Follow these instructions if you need a zero-dollar event contract reviewed and approved by UW-Madison Purchasing. It is preferable to submit an unsigned copy of the contract in case UW-Madison needs to make any changes or attach any other documents.

Contracts & Agreements - Event Contracts - Zero Dollar Contracts 

Note: Please budget 1-2 weeks of turnaround time by Business Services.

All Other Event Contracts (Using Funds in UW-Madison Accounts)

  1. Email your Extension Financial Specialist that you have an event contract that needs review and approval.
  2. Work with your Extension Financial Specialist to submit the appropriate documentation to UW-Madison Purchasing.
  3. Upon successful review and approval UW-Madison purchasing will return a signed copy to you.
  4. Work with the Outside Agency to get a copy of the fully-executed contract.
  5. Once you have a fully-executed event contract you must upload it to this document library

How to Upload Fully-Executed Event Contracts

  • You will upload the fully-executed copy of the event contract to a SharePoint document library.
  • You have access to edit documents that you have uploaded.
  • You do not have access to edit documents that others have uploaded.

Click Upload → File → Select a File to Upload


Select the uploaded file and open the details pane

Select "Edit All" properties

Enter the following information into the document properties:
  • Event Agreement Type: Please select the type of event agreement from the drop-down list. 
  • Outside Agency: Please enter the name of the outside agency with whom you have the event contract.
Click "Save"

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