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Planning & Reporting - Policy

All colleagues involved in educational programming are required to report on their work. Reporting allows Extension to be accountable to those who provide our funds. Under the Policy section below colleagues can find important information around what is expected of them in terms of reporting requirements and deadlines.

Policy Title

Planning & Reporting Requirements for Educational Programming, Research and Outreach

Approval Authority

Data Governance Steering Committee:

  • JulieAnn Stawicki (Interim Associate Dean) 
  • Patrick Robinson (Associate Dean) 
  • Matt Hanson (Assistant Dean) 
  • Matthew Call (Director, Communications & Stakeholder Engagement) 
  • Greg Johll (Director, Educational Technology Services) 
  • Dominic Ledesma (Interim Director, Office of Access, Inclusion & Compliance) 
  • Christian Schmieder (Data Governance Leader & Committee Facilitator) 

Policy Manager

Christian Schmieder (Data Governance Leader)

Policy Contact


Planning and reporting requirements are set to ensure timely and accurate reporting to a wide array of stakeholders regarding the work Extension colleagues do. The Planning & Reporting Portal is the means by which Extension educators report on this work. 


Definitions of specific reported records can be found in the Planning & Reporting Portal under “Help & Information”.


Planning and reporting requirements apply to all extension employees involved in educational programming.


Colleagues Required to Report on Their Work

All colleagues involved in educational programming are required to report on their work. 

Records Colleagues are Required to Report

  • Participation Records 
  • Local Activity and Expanding Access Records 
    • Contains: Abstract Sentence, Outcome Statement, Expanding Access Information 
  • Partnering Organization Records 
  • Peer-Reviewed Publications 
  • Community/Outreach Events & Media Outreach Records 
  • Business Development Assistance 
  • A Plan of Work (Optional--though highly encouraged)

General Reporting Deadlines

Due Monthly: Participation Records / Activity Records / Partnering Organizations / Business Development Assistance / Community Outreach Events & Media Outreach

Due Annually: If you have any peer-reviewed publications for 2020, please submit them by Jan 10, 2021.

Due Every 18 months: The next round of individual Plans of Work is due July 1, 2021. 

  • Please update existing activity records rather than re-writing them each month. 
  • If you have no updates/new data in a given month, please do not enter duplicates. It is OK to not have reportable updates, but we encourage you to assess whether you have updates or new information on a monthly basis. 
  • Please enter each partnering organization and business only once per calendar year to avoid duplicates.
  • Your affiliated Extension Program, Program Manager, or Associate Dean may provide you with a policy that may modify these institutional requirements.

Reporting Plans of Work

All colleagues in programming roles are encouraged and asked to write a Plan of Work.

Reporting for New Colleagues

  • All new colleagues should be tracking their participation and entering that data as they begin to complete educational contacts.  
  • Colleagues with less than 6 months of experience do not have to complete the narrative components (Local Activity & Expanding Access).
  • A plan of work is due after 6 (or more) months of employment, after you have participated in the Plan of Work training sessions at on-boarding. 

Reporting Requirements for CALS Specialists

  • As discussed at the September state specialist meeting, reporting requirements for specialists will remain the same for calendar year 2020.
  • Specialists will submit at least one outcome statement and one activity record, although you may need to submit additional reports to capture the breadth and depth of your extension programs and are encouraged to do so.
  • When reporting for calendar year 2021 the requirement will change to at least one plan of work and one activity record, with continued encouragement to file sufficient reports to capture your programming. Plans of work will inform forward-looking efforts of the program planning process and will provide opportunities to make connections between the work of specialists and county educators.
  • The program managers will take a greater role in reporting outcomes and impacts.
  • Example plans of work can be found in the Extension Planning and Reporting Portal by searching by keyword or name.

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Effective Date

September 28, 2020

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