Hiring - Recruitment - Interviews - II. Scheduling Interviews (Unit)

Each unit may coordinate scheduling interviews on their own if they so wish or may request ASU HR to coordinate scheduling interviews (refer to Hiring - Recruitment - Interviews - II. Scheduling Interviews (Unit)).

Assistance with Interviews


A) Hiring Manager Responsibilities:

  1. Notify ASU HR of self-scheduling
  2. Select Interview Panel members (these may be the same or different individuals as the Screening Committee)
  3. Notify ASU HR of member names and email addresses
  4. Determine the following:
    1. Available dates/times for all of the interview panel
    2. Medium to be used for interviews (phone, video, in-person)
      1. If in-person, location of interview
      2. If via video, link for video interview
    3. Length of each interview
    4. Length of breaks between interviews
    5. Interview questions to be asked
      1. Send interview questions to hr@extension.wisc.edu for review and approval
    6. If you will require a presentation during the interview by the candidate
  5. Reach out to the top candidates previously approved by ASU HR to invite for an interview
  6. Document the complete interview schedule and send to ASU HR

B) ASU HR Responsibilities:

  1. Add Interview Panel members to the recruitment’s Interview Panel folder in Box
  2. Upload interviewees’ applicant materials to Interview Panel folder in Box
  3. Review and approve interview questions

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