Hiring - Recruitment - Interviews - IV. Interview Process

All committee members should be interviewing all candidates. If a committee member will not be able to attend an interview, you could request to record the interview with the candidate so the missing committee member can still assess the interview. If one committee member will not be able to attend the majority of the interviews, then they should not attend or assess any of the interviews for this phase. This keeps the assessment of candidates’ fair and equitable. Upon conclusion of the on-campus interviews, the interview panel should collect and review the feedback for all the candidates and provide an overview and recommendations to the Hiring Manager/supervisor.


A) Hiring Manager Responsibilities

  1. Send interview summaries to ASU HR
    1. When submitting your choices for advancing candidates, ASU HR will need an evaluation of all interviews conducted for recruitment records. No personal notes – just assessments of candidates interviewed; one to two sentences with objective, job-related assessments. This statement can be a combined evaluation your panel agrees upon or the Hiring Manager’s assessment. Still, ASU will need reasoning for why each candidate moves forward or does not receive a second interview or an offer for the position. For reference and examples, here are some sample assessment statements: 
      1. Candidate not moving forward: [Candidate] has worked in the human resources field with a few different private companies. Based on her background and interview, it was not clear how effective she would be in this position, which requires periodic high-level analysis for a complex public-sector organization.
      2. Candidate advancing: [Candidate] has worked in human resources at another institution in the University of Wisconsin System, and her interview answers generally demonstrated knowledge of workforce relations principles. Also, [Candidate]’s writing sample was outstanding.

B) ASU HR Responsibilities

  1. Review interview summaries for objective-job related assessments
  2. Communicate with Hiring Manager to determine if more rounds of interview are needed

Instructions for after the First Round of Interviews