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Emeritus (POI 21)

Emeritus status is an honorary designation conferred upon retirees to recognize their contributions and accomplishments over their university careers. Requirements include completion of ten or more years of distinguished service at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and permanent employee status at the University of Wisconsin–Madison with eligibility to receive an annuity from the Wisconsin Retirement System. Emeritus status is available to academic staff, university staff, and faculty. Recommendations begin at the department level and proceed through the Dean's office to the Office of the Chancellor.

UW-Madison Policies & Procedures



  • Emeritus/emerita status is limited to faculty, academic staff, limited appointees and university staff retiring after ten or more years of distinguished service at the University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • University staff may be granted emeritus/emerita status in their final classification.
  • Faculty holding limited appointments may be granted emeritus/emerita status in their faculty appointment
  • Academic staff may be granted emeritus/emerita status in their academic staff appointment
  • Limited appointees may be granted emeritus/emerita status in their limited appointment, but not in their academic staff back-up appointment
  • Individuals granted emeritus/emerita status who have held a concurrent senior administrative title of dean or higher may, upon recommendation of the provost, be granted emeritus/emerita status by the chancellor for the administrative title also
  • Must be (or have been) a permanent employee of the University of Wisconsin–Madison who is eligible to activate an annuity from the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)

The UW-Madison Faculty Senate voted in November 2022 to recommend the following changes to FPP 7.31:

  • 7.31. Emerit Faculty.
    1. Emerit faculty titles are conferred by the chancellor upon recommendation of the departmental executive committee and the dean. Emerit is a status of honor and esteem intended to recognize contributions to the university over a career.
    2. Emerit faculty retain all faculty governance rights held at the time of their retirement during any academic year in which they hold an academic staff appointment from their department totaling at least 20% of a full-time academic year appointment, subject to the provisions of 5.20.C.
    3. Discipline for cause (see Chapter 9) while holding the position for which the emerit title is requested should be carefully considered by the executive committee, dean and chancellor, in light of the apparent conflict between a history of discipline and the title's indication of honor and esteem. Termination for cause (see Chapter 9) while holding the position for which the emerit title is requested typically disqualifies the faculty member from conferral of the title.
    4. The title may be removed upon recommendation of the departmental executive committee and the dean.

Extension Process for Obtaining Emeritus/Emerita Status


  • The retiring employee initiates this process.
  • Recommendations for emeritus/emerita status for retiring faculty, limited appointees, academic staff, or university staff must be approved at the division level before proceeding through OHR and finally the Chancellor’s Office.
  • For the Division of Extension, the Dean’s Office will review and approve all emeritus/emerita status recommendations. 
  • If the employee holds a tenured or affiliate appointment in another department on campus, please confer with that department directly to coordinate the recommendation.
  • Recommendations may be submitted throughout the year.


  1. Initiate the Process
    1. Retiring employees can work with their supervisor and/or academic vice-chair/chair to gather the required materials.
  2. Gather Required Materials
    1. A narrative summary citing the professional accomplishments and record of university service of the retiring faculty or academic/university staff;
      1. Faculty appointments should author a brief one-page statement of accomplishments.
    2. Expected date of retirement (copy of retirement letter that was sent to AED or supervisor);
    3. Current CV for tenured faculty requests.
      1. Suggested, but not required through 6/30/2025.
      2. Required for all faculty requesting emeritus after 7/1/2025.
      3. Sample CVs and writing tips can be found at the Writing Center
  3. Send for Review & Approval
    1. Faculty Appointments
      1. Submit the brief statement, retirement letter, and CV to the Department of Extension Faculty (DEF) Chair.
      2. The Department of Extension Faculty Executive Committee convenes to vote on recommending Emeritus status.
      3. The DEF Chair submits the statement, retirement letter, CV, and DEF support to the Dean and cc's: the Executive Assistant to the Dean & Director of Extension (, the appropriate supervisor, and the academic section vice chair.
    2. Limited, Academic Staff, University Staff Appointments
      1. Send all materials to the Dean and cc: the Executive Assistant to the Dean & Director of Extension (
  4. Ensure continued use of campus facilities or IT tools (if emeritus status has not been approved)
    1. If you reach your retirement date and you have not yet been set up with Emeritus status (your materials have been submitted for review, but have not been approved), please email prior to your retirement date.
    2. Extension HR will work with the Office of Human Resources ( to ensure that there are no breaks in the ability to access the campus libraries and other services granted to retirees. 

Get Help

Questions? Contact

Extension Dean's Office Procedures

  • Upon receipt of all required documentation from the supervisor or academic department chair, the Executive Assistant to the Dean & Director of Extension will work with the Dean to review and submit the request to OHR (
  • The packet of materials, which includes a cover letter from the dean, the narrative, retirement letter and CV will be sent to ( via the Dean’s Office.
  • If approved, the Chancellor’s Office will send the retiree an acknowledgement letter with copies to the division chair/supervisor, Extension HR, ASU HR, and the Dean’s Office. Please note that the approval process may take 2-3 months.
  • OHR ( will enter the appointed emeritus staff into HRS as POIs (Persons of Interest). A POI is sufficient to be in the campus directory and get emeritus special access on campus. Entry in HRS automatically puts the emeritus title in the campus online directory and notification is sent to UW Transportation Services.
  • The Executive Assistant to the Dean will forward a copy of the award letter to Extension HR.
  • Extension HR will work with ASU to ensure the letter is placed in the employee's personnel file. 

Privileges Specific to Emeritus/Emerita Status

Receive a Certificate of Recognition signed by the President of the Board of Regents, the Chancellor, and either the Secretary of the Faculty, the Secretary of the Academic Staff, or the Secretary of the University Staff.

  • Automatically be added in HRS as having emeritus/a status; UW–Madison identification cards must be retained to use the university libraries, recreational and other facilities.
  • Retain listing in UW–Madison electronic directory.
  • Automatically retain WiscWorld (Internet) privileges and continue to have access to specific DoIT services and products. For more information, please see: Help Desk (Emeriti) - Steps to take before your access to Microsoft 365, Google, Zoom, Box, and Qualtrics changes
  • Receive a value pass through one of the Transportation Services offices once each fiscal year, which allows free parking 24 times per year in garages with the new access and revenue control gate system.
  • Receive a reduced cost city bus pass. Note: this privilege is reviewed annually by UW Transportation Services and is subject to change without notice. Contact Transportation Services to obtain the bus pass.

For a brochure explaining the privileges of retirement and Emeritus status, please see:

Privileges for UW–Madison Retirees and Emeriti 

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