Ending Employment

Employees who are ending employment with Extension should consult the relevant documentation below. All employees leaving Extension should complete the Divisional Offboarding Process and Exit Interview or Survey. Employees who are retiring have an additional series of steps to take before retirement.

Resignation - Steps to Take when Resigning

Retirement - Steps to Take Before Retiring

Exit Interview & Survey

Exit Interview

If you are interested in completing an interview, please contact hr@extension.wisc.edu.

  • The interview will be conducted  in person (if possible), or via zoom, or phone.
  • This interview will be informal and will provide exiting employees with the opportunity to provide feedback regarding their employment and to share ideas and any recommendations for improvement.
  • The information collected is kept separate from permanent personnel records and is primarily used to identify trends and strategies for strengthening Extension’s work environments.
  • The exit interview may be completed prior to an employee’s last day of employment or within the first few weeks that follow. 

Exit Survey

Divisional Offboarding Checklists

Get Help

Questions? Contact hr@extension.wisc.edu