Teams Initiatives & Workgroups

Extension programs utilize self-directed teams to plan, implement, evaluate and report educational programming and applied research activities of faculty and staff. Teams are often developed to foster innovation, address complex issues, and/or provide additional programmatic focus within a disciplinary area. Teams also can promote greater interaction and collegiality between and among faculty and staff, and can offer a mechanism for intentional collaboration between state specialists and local educators. This document is applicable to teams, but is also generally applicable to multi-disciplinary initiatives.

Types of Teams

Extension supports two types of teams, which share many characteristics, including submitting an annual plan of work and allocation of budget and other programmatic supports.

  1.  Teams are located within an institute based on their intended outcomes, but may have members from multiple institutes.
  2. Multi-disciplinary Initiatives (MDI) outcomes are relevant to the disciplinary areas of and draw membership from multiple institutes. They are supported by and accountable to the associate deans.

A Note about Work Groups

In addition, voluntary groups that are not designated as teams play an important role in supporting and developing educational programs. Work Groups are self-organizing and can request support and resources from program managers and institute directors. The remainder of this document refers to teams, but is generally applicable to multi-disciplinary initiatives also.

Organizing Principles

Teams have the responsibility to prioritize work in ways which best create public value and demonstrate impacts. Public value will be evidenced by a strong research base and program evaluation, indicating impacts and outcomes. 

Criteria for Team Selection

Program Focus

Connection to Research and Scholarship

Engagement and Partnerships

Effective and Efficient

Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Associate Dean Responsibilities:

Institute Director Responsibilities:

Program Manager Responsibilities:

Team Leader(s) Responsibilities:

Team Member(s) Responsibilities: