DoIT - Extension IT Service Eligibility Matrix

Having a UW-Madison NetID grants access to licensed IT services. However, this access is based on the type of HRS record an individual has. What type of HRS record someone has depends on if they are an employee or a person interest (POI). The matrix below lays out access to licensed services by HRS record type.


 Service Extension Employees County Employees (POI 18) Off-Campus Integrated Specialists (POI 32)  Extension Emeritus (POI 21) 
 Office 365 Email & Calendar Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Other MS Office Products Yes No No No
 One Drive Yes No No No
 G Suite Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Box Yes No  No  No
 Adobe Creative Cloud Yes No No No
 SharePoint Yes Guest Access Guest Access Guest Access
 Qualtrics Yes No No No
 Library Resources Yes No  No  No
 Campus Software Library Yes No No No
 Doodle Yes  No  No No
 Canvas Yes Yes Yes Yes
 LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) YesNo No No
 WiscList YesNo No No
 My UW Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Webex Yes No  No  No
 VOIP Yes (Campus-Based)No No No
 UW NET Yes Yes Yes No
 ZOOM  Yes Yes Yes No