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Contracts & Agreements - General Signatory Agreements (GSA) - Complete Agreement Cover Sheet

The Extension employee requesting signature of the agreement (Requestor) should complete the cover sheet. Both the Requestor and Supervisor will need to electronically sign the document prior to submitting for Extension approval.

Note: These instructions must be completed by the Requestor. 

  1. Complete Cover Sheet in the Document Set and electronically sign.
  2. Upload agreement and any attachments into Document Set.
  3. Meet with your supervisor for review and signature.

How to Find Cover Sheet in Document Set

  • You should have received an email link to the document set that contains the cover sheet you need to fill out. 
  • If you have not, ask your Supervisor to share the cover sheet with you (Other Ways to Share Document Set).
  • You can also view Draft GSA Documents by going to the GSA SharePoint Site and clicking on View Draft GSA Documents
Click "View DRAFT GSA Documents"
  • Click into the relevant document set (the title should have enough information to determine which to click into).
Click relevant document set

Complete all Cover Sheet fields

  • Within your document set - click into the cover sheet to fill out the document in Word Online.
complete all fields in cover sheet
  • Fill out the following fields
    • Extension Program and County (if applicable)
    • Extension Employee Contact Information
    • Outside Signatory Contact Information and Associated Checkbox
    • Description of Agreement
    • Verifications
    • New or Modification
    • Signatures

Electronically Sign the Cover Sheet

  • Both the employee (Requestor) and Supervisor will be required to electronically sign the document using the checkboxes and filling out the name and date information. 
  • If you are an Area Extension Director or Program Manager who is making the request - please list your Assistant Dean or Institute Director as your supervisor and work with them to review and sign the cover sheet prior to submitting.

Upload Agreement to Document Set

  • Select the agreement file in File Explorer and drag the agreement (or other attachments) into the document set.
upload the agreement to the document set.
  • Use the "Upload" option in SharePoint to select an agreement (or other attachments) to upload into the document set. 
Use "upload" to select an agreement and upload a file

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