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ETS - G Suite - Migrate your CES Google Account (With Assistance)

Extension no longer uses CES ( Google Accounts and uses UW-Madison ( Google Accounts. As part of Extension's transition to UW-Madison, each user was tasked with transferring their CES Google Drive files to their UW-Madison Google Drive. These instructions cover the transition of Team/Shared Drives for Extension employees who would like assistance to complete the transition.

Note: This content was used for Extension's transition to UW-Madison. It is intended for individuals who are still in the processing of transitioning files. 

You can find more information about UW Madison Google Suite here.

Are the “Too Swamped” Directions for you?

Are you still having bad dreams about the last Google transition? Maybe this is your super busy time of year and you are just too swamped to worry about it right now. Or perhaps you only have 1 or 2 Shared/Team Drives you manage and it’s not worth it to risk messing something up. If this is you, these are your directions!

Why do I need to complete these instructions?

Why do I have to do this, you ask? Right now, even if you can access your Shared/Team Drives from either account, they are owned by the CES side of Google if they were created using your CES account. We need to complete this process so they are owned by our WISC Google accounts.

"Too Swamped" Transition Instructions

These directions will need to be repeated for each Team/Shared Drive of which you are a manager.

  1. Login to your CES Google Account and go to Google Drive. Open up your Shared/Team Drives.
  2. Open your first Team/Shared Drive and look for the words “Add members” under the title of the Shared/Team Drive.
    • If you do not see the words “Add member” simply click the back button and proceed to your next Shared/Team Drive.
    • **If you open a Shared/TeamDrive on the CES side and it is empty, don’t do anything with it, just back out and move on to the next folder. Someone else who is a manager has already moved the content for you. Assuming they followed all the directions, you should have access to the content when you log in to your WISC Google account.
  3. If you have an “Add member” option, click it and add You MUST then change the role to “Manager.”
    • The role will likely have defaulted to “Contributor” or “Content Manager,” so make sure you change it! In the message section, please add your UW-Madison NetID ( NOT your preferred email (example: Then finish this step by clicking “send”.

4) Do steps 2 and 3 with every one of your Shared/Team Drives.

  • Now, wait for an email or emails from Google. It will notify you that aroman (or possibly sellek, mwecker, or eschuck) have added you to a Team Drive (on the WISC side). We will be working on transferring all the Shared/Team Drives as quickly as possible, but please allow up to four days for us to work our magic on the other end. If you have folders you need immediately, please either plan to follow our DIY directions or let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate your needs. You will get an individual email for each Shared/Team Drive. They might not necessarily arrive at the same time or even the same day.
5) Lastly, once you receive that email, login to your WISC account and locate the folder that was mentioned in the email. 
  • You may have two folders with very similar titles. Look for the folder that ends in “WISC.” Share out this WISC folder with anyone who needs access or who had access to the previous folder. Make sure you add Extension folks using their Wisc credentials. No one else will have access to the content until you complete this final step.

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