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Hiring - Recruitment - Pre-Recruitment - Business Title Guidelines

UW-Madison has identified broad business title guidelines to ensure the utilization of titles commonly found across external markets to describe work being performed in a particular job. The Division of Extension provides additional guidance for how Extension Business titles will be used.

Extension Business Title Guidelines


Part of the market informed structuring is to recognize that in some instances a title of record is not the best descriptor of work being performed, nor does it always provide enough detail about the specifics of an individual position within the organization. In these instances, a business title would be applied to a position to more easily and clearly describe the work being performed in a specific role.
The application of a business title would not change the title of record or the associated job code, but could be used in:
  • Business Cards
  • Email Signatures
  • Department Websites
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Stationary
  • Name Badges
  • Office Signage
  • Vacancy Announcements
  • Employee Directories
A business title is limited to 30 characters in length for official Human Resources System (HRS) entry. The title in HRS can be a truncated or abbreviated version of the title, if appropriate. Full titles can be used for the other purposes listed above.  


A Business Title Should

  • Provide a more specific description of the job to facilitate business communications.
  • Add clarity to the job function, group and classification assignment in describing the individual job.
  • Align with professional and industry practice.
  • Align with other business titles within a job group or work unit.


A Business Title Cannot

  • Duplicate a title of record for a different job (if the title of record adequately describes the job, a business title is not required).
  • Misrepresent the university or the authority of a position in any way. For example, a Business cannot include “Director” if the title of record does not designate the position as a director-level position.

Your supervisor, Extension HR, Divisional HR and in some cases DLT, will review and approve the use of business titles.


For individuals that have earned a “Distinguished” title, that may still be used in Business titles going forward. Other prefixes, such as Associate and Senior, will not be used.

Common Extension Business Titles

Some common Extension job groups are listed below. The business titles include:
Common Extension Business Titles
Business Title Title of Record
4-H Program Educator (Previously 4-H Coordinator) Outreach Specialist
[Program] Program Coordinator (e.g. Horticulture Program Coordinator) Outreach Specialist
[Institute] Extension Educator Outreach Specialist
FoodWIse Nutrition Coordinator Outreach Specialist
FoodWIse Nutrition Program Administrator Outreach Specialist
FoodWIse Nutrition Teaching Coordinator Outreach Specialist
Health Community Coordinator Public Health Educator
FoodWIse Nutrition Educator Outreach Associate
[Topic or Program] Associate Extension Educator Outreach Associate
[Program] Program Manager Outreach Program Manager
Area Extension Director (AED) Administrative Director
[Institute] Institute Director Outreach Program Director
[Program] Outreach Specialist Outreach Specialist
Note: For [Program] or [Institute] – fill in the appropriate program or specific name. You can find this information in the list of Extension Department IDs:

When a business title is identified for a job, that title will be used, rather than the title of record. Requests for exceptions will be approved by the supervisor.

When variations or adjustments to these recommendations are necessary, please consult with your supervisor.

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