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Post-Degree Appointments :: Hiring - Post Degree Training Appointments - Start Here

Hiring managers who are interested in hiring a post degree appointment (Research Intern, Research Associate, Postgraduate Trainee, Postdoctoral Fellow) should follow divisional instructions in this article.

Hire a Post Degree Training Appointment


  • A post degree training appointment is an individual who is not a matriculated student and who is appointed primarily for the pursuit of advanced study or research, usually at the postdoctoral level. 
  • Post degree training appointments are persons who are normally acquiring additional training or experience in their field of specialization.
  • The work of individuals appointed to these titles should be independent or self-directed, subject only to such supervision as might be given by a teacher to a student. Such work should be contrasted with duties assigned under the direct supervision and control of the employer primarily for the benefit of the University or granting agency.
  • Post degree appointments are not processed like other hires (are not processed through JEMS PVL, TREMS, Student Jobs Platform, etc.).

1) Verify that Hiring a Post-Graduate Appointment is Appropriate

  1. Ask yourself these questions when determining if a post-graduate appointment is the best fit: 
    • Will the position work in pursuit of advanced study or research?
    • Will the employee be continuing training after the receipt of a degree in order to gain additional training or experience?
    • Will the position be heavily mentored?
  2. Review relevant Policies & Procedures:
  3. Email a draft position description if you're unsure.

2) Create a Request to Fill

3) Submit to Extension HR for Review

Email the completed RTF to

4) Divisional Approval

Extension HR will review and circulate for divisional approvals using Adobe Sign. 

5) Post Position (If Recruiting)

6) Send Extension HR Final Candidate Information

Once you have identified a final candidate, send the following information:

  • A copy of the final candidates up-to-date CV/resume.
  • A copy of the final candidates' diploma or transcripts (and license if applicable).
  • Whether or not this position will be a Position of Trust.

7) Extension HR & ASU Process Appointment

  1. Verify completion of all requirements
    • Review CV for eligibility for title
    • Review post-secondary degree requirements
    • Review previous appointment(s)
  2. Prepare appointment letter
  3. Enter into JEMS Hire
  4. Send appointment letter to supervisor (supervisor shares with employee)
  5. Send info to payroll and ASU and divisional onboarding lists.

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