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The Division of Extension has different workflows depending on the which type of position the hiring manager would like to hire. Please select the most appropriate based on the type of hire you would like to make. If you have any questions reach out to Extension HR.

Start a New Recruitment (Academic Staff, University Staff, Limited Appointment)

Start a Direct Hire (Academic Staff, University Staff, Temporary Employees, Limited Appointment)

Hire a Student Assistant (Graduate Student, Program Assistant, Research Assistant)

Hire a Student Hourly

Hire a Post Degree Appointment (Postdoc)

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No.Document TitleIDUpdatedViews
1Hiring - Student Hourly - Start Here972792024-04-013424
2Relocation Support Approval1183412024-02-26783
3Hiring - Direct Hires - Pre-Submission - Position Descriptions1111992024-02-26600
4Hiring - Hiring Bonus Program1140752024-02-191020
5Hiring - Student Hourly - Close and Manage a Student Job Posting972882024-02-191191
6Hiring - Guidance for Completing Request to Fill (RTF)1176722024-02-133958
7Hiring - Graduate Assistant - Start Here1031042024-02-121602
8Hiring - Student Hourly - End a Student Hourly Appointment979332024-02-12964
9Hiring - Student Hourly - Extend a Student Hourly Appointment979272024-02-121243
10New Employees - Requesting Office Space1171902023-12-183609
11Divisional HR - HRS - Extension Office Location Codes976272023-10-234133
12Hiring - Recruitment - Interviews - Reimbursing Final Interview Candidates Travel Costs1139482023-10-021040
13New Employees - Office Space & Equipment1171892023-09-28711
14Hiring - Graduate Assistant - Create Offer to Hire Student1031032023-06-261037
15Hiring - Student Hourly - Create Offer to Hire Student972932023-06-261989
16Hiring - Student Hourly - Create a Student Hourly Job Requisition972802023-06-262356
17Hiring - Graduate Assistant - Create a Job Requisition1031012023-06-261002
18Hiring - Post Degree Training Appointments - Start Here1106502023-05-121255
19Divisional HR - HRS - Division of Extension Department IDs975942023-04-062661
20Hiring - Student Hourly - Request a Criminal Background Check982642023-04-051477
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