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2.8 Office Space & Equipment :: New Employees - Office Space & Equipment

You should review this information if you are hiring a new employee and need to request office space and/or equipment.

Request Office Space

UW-Madison Campus

A. For Space Assignment within Extension's UW-Madison Campus Allocation

To space an employee on the UW-Madison Campus in Extension's existing campus allocation, the Supervisor/Hiring Manager should complete the Space Assignment Request Form and send on for approval.

Download Space Assignment Request Form

The Facility Manager will then evaluate the request; seek input from requesting Director and others as appropriate; suggest options; identify solution; confirm suitability of solution with requesting Director; seek approval from Associate Dean. Factors for consideration would include proximity/availability of suitable type of space, potential need for paint/carpet, furniture, etc.

Space requests involving multiple individuals and/or moves would typically trigger the Facility Manager to coordinate with Director of Facilities Planning, and approval by Associate Dean. More complex space planning efforts might require substantially more lead time, and warrant an interactive process and possibly approval by Dean’s Leadership Team (e.g. Pyle to Extension Building move).


B. For Space Needs beyond Extension's UW-Madison Campus Allocation

1. Employees Covered by County Contract

2. Employees NOT Explicitly Covered by County Contract

In consultation with the appropriate Assistant or Associate Dean(s), identify a preferred location and determine next steps (i.e. recognition of position under umbrella of the county contract, or one of the following:

a. Extension Locations

To space an employee non explicitly covered by a county contract at WGNHS, Upham Woods, Great Lakes Visitor Center or Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve (LSNERR) locations, please reach out to the Natural Resources Institute Director and Director of Facilities Planning ( to clarify protocols and seek approvals.

b. Non-Extension, UW-Owned Locations

To space an employee non explicitly covered by a county contract at a UW-owned location (non-Extension), submit a Space Request:

c. Locations NOT Owned or already leased by UW

To space an employee non explicitly covered by a county contract at a location not already owned or leased by UW submit a Space Request:

3. Non-Employees (e.g. Sea Grant, WDNR, Friends of LSNERR)

For assignment of individuals who are not Extension employees (e.g. Sea Grant or WDNR or Friends of LSNERR colleagues), to an Extension-controlled location, please discuss requests with Director of Facilities Planning ( and appropriate Associate Dean – these arrangements may require processes and approvals by Dean’s Leadership Team and/or other UW colleagues. 

4. Any other Category of Individuals

For assignment of space to any other category of individuals not covered above, requests should be discussed with Director of Facilities Planning ( to determine how best to proceed.

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