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EMS Administrative Terms

As an EMS admin, there are a variety of terms used within the EMS client that will be useful to know to navigate the available menus to make required updates and edits.
Table of terms used within the EMS client software.



Everyday User Someone who can request or reserve space and services in any EMS Software application other than EMS Desktop Client. All NetID users are automatically imported into the EMS meaning that a new Everyday User profile will never need to be created. These users are assigned to Process Templates and Groups.
Everyday User Template Defines and controls what a user can do.  The EMS uses security templates and process templates.  
Security template This is like a security profile as it controls which menu items are available to the users assigned to the template, which booking information fields display to them, and other information.
Process template  This is a booking template. It controls what users can do for different types of reservations (conference room, workspace, study room, and so on). This type of template also controls users' date/time restrictions, room security (reserve, request only, no access), and service availability (A/V, catering, and so on). 
Groups A group is a team of users for which reservations are made at your facilities. A group can be a single person, or an entire organization or department of people. A group is one of the core data items that you must configure so that your users can make reservations.

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