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M1. Magenta (see Magenta definition) 
2. Roman Numeral for 1,000

M, one of the four process colors used in the CMYK printing process, pink/purple in color

all the activities required to prepare a press for printing

Management Console

A major component of Perceptive Content that allows users with appropriate permissions to manage many aspects of Perceptive Content including drawers, doctypes, application plans, etc.

Management PlanA Management Plan (MP) may be put into place by the UW-Madison Conflict of Interest Committee to aid an investigator reduce or eliminate a financial conflict of interest (FCOI) and to ensure, to the extent possible, that the design, conduct, and reporting of research will be free from bias.  An example Management Plan may be found here Financial Conflict of Interest Management Plan Example .

The comparison that employers use for UW–Madison job salaries (may be local, regional, national, or international depending on the job).

Marketing Message
  1. Marketing Message is content within promotional material that is designed to inform the reader about what to expect and why they should attend a course. Examples of Marketing Message content include: target audience, attending benefits, course content, and testimonials. It is often reviewed and updated with input from both the Program Director and/or Program Associate and the EPD Marketing team. It does not include administrative/logistical information.

Matte finish
dull paper, ink, or laminate finish

A member is a person who is included as part of a group.

Memorandum of Agreement in Summer TermMemoranda of Agreement (MOA) forms are sent to legal Faculty and renewable / ongoing instructional Academic Staff who are funded through Summer Term in the College of Letters & Science. These green forms are generated by L&S and are distributed to department administrators via campus mail in spring each year.

These forms should be signed by the instructor and the department chair, and returned to 301 South Hall by the deadline listed at the bottom of the form.

These agreements are contingent upon sufficient course enrollment. For Summer 2019, instructors will be notified of course cancellations by May 6, 2019.
MFA-Duo (multi-factor authentication)

Multi-factor authentication is part of the new UW–Madison login process that verifies your identity. It combines something you know (your NetID and password) with something you have (smartphone, token/fob or tablet) preventing anyone but you from logging into a system. UW-Madison has partnered with Duo to provide this service.

You will now need to log in by:

  1. Entering your NetID and password, and

  2. Confirming your login with the Duo app on your device.

Migration Partner
An organization's technical point of contact during their transition to Office 365. Completes and monitors the technical requirements of the transition. To find your organization's Migration Partner, click here.

Modfications Requested
This is a state in ARROW.  Studies in this state have gone to an IRB meeting and IRB modifications have been sent to the study team.  Study teams must submit a response to the modifications before the study can move on from this state.

occurs when screen angles are wrong causing odd patterns in photographs

Multi on
two or more different images placed on one sheet 

two or more of the same images up on one sheet

Multi up
(see Step-and-repeat)