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Tape Bind
a type of binding that uses a strip of durable tape to hold a book together lines that indicate where to trim before a job goes on the collator or other binding equipment, by doing this it allows the operator to still see the trim marks for final trim

Teaching Report
The Teaching Report shows planned teaching, course releases and salary information for tenured and tenure track faculty and instructional academic staff in an academic program for an academic year. Teaching Reports are required each semester as part of the short-term staffing exercise, even if a department is not requesting short-term staff.

The Teaching Report is used to review and audit overall teaching assignments and loads within academic programs. It is designed to assist departments and instructional programs as well as the Dean’s Office in documenting the allocation of faculty and renewable academic staff teaching. 

The following Gateway document contains instructions for updating the Teaching Report: L&S Short-Term Staffing Request Process . Past copies of teaching reports may be downloaded from Departmental STS folders in Box (folder name = “48-#### STS”).

  1. A Teleconference is a conference with participants in different locations linked by telecommunications devices.

Temporary Appointment
An at-will position with no expectation of continued employment, capped at 1,044 hours worked in 26 consecutive bi-weekly payroll periods, nonexempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and lasting one year or less (based on the start date of the appointment).

Temporary Employee
An employee serving a temporary appointment.

TerminatedThis is both a potential motion that can be made by the IRB upon review of a reportable event, as well as a state in ARROW.  Studies that are in the terminated state can be forwarded to the end state, Archive, by the IRB submission manager or will be automatically archived after 18 months. 

Text weight
lighter-weight (thinner/pliable) paper consisting of various grades

a shade of a single color or combined colors

Test of English as a Foreign Language

used to expand the dominant ink to be printed larger-than the less-dominant ink, used to help tight registration on offset printing

Trim Box
(see also Keyline defintion)

Trim marks
see crop marks

Trim size
finished size after final trim is made