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UAS / UADSUndergraduate Academic Services, or  Undergraduate Academic Deans Services.  Services provided by L&S Student Academic Affairs; please see What units make up Letters & Science Student Academic Affairs?

Unique ID

A special index key typically used as one of the five customizable document keys. If used, this key will generate a unique string that will belong only to a single document. This field exists to ensure that individual documents stay separate from others and to easily locate/communicate information about a specific document.

University StaffUniversity staff positions focus primarily on supporting education, research, and the campus infrastructure. If a position involves functions that are similar in nature to other positions in Wisconsin state government, the position is university staff. These positions include accountants, administrative support associates, nurses, microbiologists, and custodians.

SOURCE: Office of Human Resources

USICUniversity Staff Issues Committee.  Similar to the L&S CASI, the Dean has established this committee to advise him on policies and procedures, promotional opportunities, participation in department governance, and performance recognition for classified staff.

UV Coating
liquid laminate bonded and cured with ultra-violet light

UW red
the mixed ink graphic standard for UW printing; also PMS 200

UW–Madison Adjusted Continuous Service
All time employed by UW–Madison in either the Unclassified, Classified or University Staff service in a permanent capacity, adjusted for breaks in service, shall be counted in determining an employee’s length of continuous service. This excludes time served as a temporary or project employee.