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Varnishclear ink-like substance that is applied to printed surfaces for appearance and protection
View DifferencesThis is an activity in ARROW that allows IRB staff, IRB members, and study teams to view differences between versions of the submitted smartform application.  For example, if a study team made changes to the initial review application as a result of IRB Pre-Review and submitted those change to the IRB, a new version of the application is tracked.  The study team and the IRB staff can easily view the differences between the old and new version of the application by using this activity button.
View Smartform ProgressThis allows research teams to see what sections of the smartform they have already completed and what  is left to be done.  This is the "birdseye view" of entire form.

Views allow users to search for documents using one or more constraint. Limited to 500 results or less.