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Leave Reporting

Process on reporting Leave and Absences.


·         Go to and log into MY UW.

·         Select Time and Absence.

 step 1

·         From the Time and Absence screen, select Request Absence if it isn’t already selected.

·         If you use a one-time password device for HRS, you will need to enter a one-time password before continuing.

·         This will bring you to the Request Absence screen.

·         Select an Absence Name from the drop-down list. 

2 step


·         Notice Current Balance populates for the type of leave requested.

·         Enter the Start Date and End Date of the absence.

·         If the absence is for more than one day DURING THE SAME WEEK, i.e. Monday through Friday, enter a date range.   DO NOT indicate a date range that includes weekend dates unless the weekend dates are part of your regularly scheduled work days.  SEE EXAMPLES BELOW.

·         Do not change the reason unless you are using vacation, personal holiday, or legal holiday in lieu of sick leave. Then select the corresponding “in lieu of sick” reason code. All others should remain as “select absence reason.”

·         Enter number of hours taken in Hours Per Day using the guide that is on your paper leave reports. 

4 step

·         Full-time employees need to enter hours in four or eight hour increments, unless the leave is for an approved FMLA request, in which case they need to work with their Payroll Coordinator to process their leave time.

·         Part-time employees leave can be in any increment. However, all leave will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

·         The duration field will default to the total number of hours requested based on the hours per day and the date range.

·         Click “Submit”

·         Click “Yes”

To enter another absence request, click “Request Absence“ at the top of the page to start the second absence request.


If absence request is for vacation for Friday, January 12 to Friday, January 19, 2018, employee needs to enter TWO separate absence requests – one for each week.  


Start Date:  Monday, 01/12/18

End Date:    Monday, 01/12/18

Enter 8.0 hours in HOURS PER DAY.

Then “CALCULATE END DATE OR DURATION”.   Total should show 8.0 hours vacation requested.

Then Submit.


Start Date:  Monday, January 15, 2018

End Date:    Friday, January 19, 2018

Enter 8.0 hours in HOURS PER DAY.

Then “CALCULATE END DATE OR DURATION”.  Total should be 40.0 hours vacation requested.

Then Submit.


If employee submitted this request as ONE request, HRS would calculate 8.0 hours/day for EACH day including weekends, etc. causing the employee to overuse intended leave.








If absence request is for January 16 to January 19, 2018, and the employee wants to use two different types of leave such as vacation and personal holiday, the employee will need to enter TWO absence requests – one for each type leave.  



Start Date:  01/16/18

End Date:    01/17/18

Enter 8.0 hours in HOURS PER DAY.

Then “CALCULATE END DATE OR DURATION”.   Total shows 16.0 hours vacation requested.

Then Submit.


Personal Holiday

Start Date:  01/18/18

End Date:    01/19/18

Enter 8.0 hours in HOURS PER DAY.

Then “CALCULATE END DATE OR DURATION”.  Total shows 16.0 hours personal holiday requested.

Then Submit.



·         Legal holidays will automatically load based on your FTE.  Employees do not need to enter legal holidays if the hours are correct.

·         If employee is less than 1.0 FTE, the employee will receive a prorated amount based on FTE. 

·         If an employee needs to void or change the number of hours worked for a legal holiday, contact your payroll representative. 

·         If there is a floating holiday that occurs in the fiscal year, select Legal Holiday (UNC) as the absence type when that floating holiday is used.



·         If the employee has not taken any Leave during a given month, the employee must submit an absence request for No Leave Taken (UNC).  

·         The Start date and End date must be the same date.

o   Best practice is to enter the 1st of the month for A-basis employees and the first day of the pay period for C-basis employees. The C-basis calendar is available on the L&S Gateway:

·         Employee needs to select an Absence Name from the drop-down list of “No Leave Taken (UNC)”. Reason should remain blank.

·         If there is a Legal Holiday during a month such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving, etc., and the employee has not taken any other leave during the month, the employee still needs to submit a “No Leave Taken (UNC)” request.

·         Managers will be required to approve the No Leave Taken request, just as with any other absence request.

·         If employee does not enter a No Leave Taken absence take for a month in which no leave was used, the Leave Report will be considered “missing” for that month, which may result in Sick Leave Reduction.

C-Basis employees who work in the summer:

·         Further information is forthcoming in early summer.


  Additional Resource:

·         Request Absences through ESS (Employee Self-Service) – KB # 17773:

·         Absence Help Page:

·         Time and Absence Video:

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