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How to Plan an Event in GNS

How to Plan an Event in GNS

Created by: Sunny Yudkoff, GNS Faculty

Before the Event

1. Identify the professor/speaker whom you would like to invite

2. Create a budget

a. Honoraria

i. In general, GNS can offer a modest base honorarium (~$150); this may be adaptable depending on source of funding.

ii. If the invited guest is a professor/employee in the UW system, note that s/he may not receive an honorarium

iii. If the invited guest does not have an ITIN# or SS#, you must set up an appointment with Jose Carus, Tax Compliance Manager, 21 N. Park St., for a W-7 Form. This appointment should be made well in advance of the event (preferably, at least 2 months in advance). Also, prior to the appointment, the guest speaker should fill out the following form that Jose Carus created (Katja also has the form in the GNS office): FORMS_2015_01-26- 2015.pdf

iv. All U.S. Residents must supply:

1. Completed W-9 Form

2. Mailing address (if different from home address)

v. All non U.S. Residents must supply:

1. Copy of Social Security Number or ITIN Number)

2. Completed 8233 Form

3. Completed W-8BEN Form

4. Copy of the face page of passport

5. Copy of Homeland Security Stamp in passport

6. Copy of Visa J1, F1 (DS-2019, I-20) or ESTA (if from Europe)

7. Copy of I-94

8. Mailing Address for check (if different from home address)

9. A letter from his or her home department indicating the he or she is able to receive additional honoraria

b. Identify additional funding sources and co-sponsoring organizations

i. Possible funding sources include other departments and programs, as well as:

1. The Lectures Committee ( lectures.htm). Applications to the Lectures Committee are due on the 15th of each months.

2. The Anonymous Fund ( There are four annual deadlines for the Anonymous Fund

3. Center for German and European Studies:


5. Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies:

c. Identify all associated food costs. Note:

i. Alcohol may not be purchased using state funds.

ii. Remember to bring the card/paper indicating tax exemption status to restaurant.

iii. If you eat at Steenbock’s on Orchard or the University Club, then you can bill the department directly. Be sure to check with Katja Mohaupt-hedden before doing so.

iv. Also, be sure to inquire about guest’s dietary restrictions.

v. At the restaurant, be sure to take a copy of both the itemized receipt and the final receipt with tip (the one you sign)

vi. The 2016-2017 State Rates are below and include tip (tips can be no more than 20%).  Full Accounting Rules on Hosted Events can be found here

state rates
d. Identify all transportation costs
i. If the guest will be driving, seek approval for all mileage costs.
1. Be sure to also plan for a parking voucher!
ii. If the guest will be flying, all flights must be booked through Concur.
Please consult Katja for guidance.
iii. Identify all anticipated taxi costs. GNS has an account with Union Cab Company.
iv. Note that guests may not rent a car without prior approval and working with the UW travel system.
e. Identify all lodging costs
i. Check the UW-Madison budget limits for hotel stays (~$115)
ii. Preferred Hotels include Lowell Center Lodging and the Wisconsin Union Hotel

3. Send out the invitation once you have a budget approved.
a. The invitation should state explicitly what GNS will be able to cover, with specific reference to transportation costs, hotel, meals, and honorarium
b. See sample invitation letter for guidance

4. Reserve a room
a. For instructions, see:

5. Miscellaneous:
a. Be sure to communicate the exact form of the talk as well as how long the talk should be.
b. Be sure to inquire whether the speaker will be using technology/PowerPoint. Note that Van Hise 1418 does not have a built-in technology console. You must reserve the projector from Nicole Senter in Van Hise 818. (You may also want to reserve a dongle and/or extension cord!)
c. Be sure to advertise the event widely! Posters, emails, etc. You may wish to identify specific professors on campus who might be interested in the talk or who teach classes for which the talk would be of interest.
d. Be sure to place the event on the GNS Events Calendar  ( as soon as date is agreed on.  Instructions on how to enter events are here.
i. Contact Nicole Senter to make edits to events on the GNS Events Calendar.

Day of Event

1. Be sure that you have the cell number of the speaker and that s/he has your cell number.
2. Be sure to remember to bring the speaker water.
3. Check with speaker whether he or she would like to field his or her own questions.
4. Be sure to have consulted with speaker about how to introduce him/her and also who will introduce him/her

After the Event

1. Send thank you notes to all relevant parties (speakers, co-sponsoring units, etc)
2. Complete all budgetary issues, including reimbursements as well as any outstanding fees owed the speaker

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