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UW-Madison Google Workspace - Custom Groups

Custom groups allow for data driven groups based on HR/SIS/Manifest data. The system automatically updates the google group membership based on set parameters for that group overnight. Custom groups are available here: An example of what someone with groups will see is below.

A request form for new groups can be found here: Submit a request. Please read the information at the start before filling it out.


  • Custom Groups are not meant to be a data source - exporting members may not work. If you're using Google Groups as a data source you should find an alternative.
  • Admins/Owners are added as managers to groups, but cannot do member management in Google Groups. They can view members( in Google Groups, but can't add/remove members that are a part of the data driven population.
  • Guests are managers/members who are not a part of the data driven population. They must be changed on the page as pictured below.
  • Groups members can't unsubscribe, but can set themselves to not receive mail.
  • If you need to know the data driven parameters for your group you'll need to contact the Help Desk
Custom Group Example

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