UW-Madison Google Workspace - Export Data Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout allows you to export data from your UW-Madison Google Workspace account into a file that can be uploaded to a different Google account. This tool is a great option for individuals leaving UW-Madison.

Note: Google Takeout will only export data that you are the owner of. It will not export data that has been shared with you. View workaround.

Export Google data that is owned by you.

  1. Log in to UW-Madison Google Workspace with your NetID and password using the following URL:

  2. If you have multiple UW-Madison Google Workspace accounts, select your desired account from the list provided.

    Select account

    If you only have one UW-Madison Google Workspace account, you will be logged into your account automatically.

  3. Navigate to Google Takeout. You won't find a link in the navigation menu, so you'll need to type the URL directly into your browser: https://myaccount.google.com/privacy#takeout
  4. If you want to select certain apps to export data from, click Choose Services. Otherwise, click Create Archive to export all available data.

    Screenshot of Create Archive button

    All apps with data that can be exported by Google Takeout will be listed on this page.

  5. Click Download to save a zipped copy of your data to your computer.

    Screenshot of list of data archived from each app

Export Google data that is shared with you (workaround).

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