UW-Madison G Suite - Get started with Chromebox for Meetings

This document explains how to connect to Chromebox for Meetings.

What is Chromebox for Meetings?

Chromebox for Meetings is a video conferencing device powered by Google Hangouts. This tool that allows you to connect with up to 25 simultaneous video sessions all over the world. Attendees can join a Google Hangout by way of invitation, joining the meeting room, or scheduling a call.

Create a new Hangout with Chromebox for Meetings

  1. Go to https://hangouts.google.com/.

  2. Log in with your NetID and NetID password.

  3. Create a new Hangout by selecting Video Call.

    Select Video Call

  4. Type in a Hangout name in the Enter a Hangout name field, then click the next arrow.

  5. Invite attendees to your Hangout by entering their email address or sharing the permanent link provided on the screen.

    • Tip 1: Bookmark the permanent link if you plan to regularly use the same Hangout room.

    • Tip 2: Set permission settings for the Hangout link to:

      • Anyone with the link

      • UW-Madison Google Apps and people invited

  6. Attendees will appear in the lower right corner of the Hangout screen. Individuals who are inactive will appear as a black square.

  7. Select the video icon. Once this option is selected you will see the following prompt to activate your Web camera and microphone.

  8. Allow Microphones and Video

  9. In the top left corner of your web browser, another notification will appear requesting you to allow or block access to your computer's camera and microphone. Select Allow.

  10. You are now in a Google Hangouts video chat.

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Join an existing Hangout meeting room

  1. Go to https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/wisc.eduto join an existing/recent hangout.

  2. Log in with your NetID and NetID password.

  3. Enter the Hangout room name in the Enter a Hangout name field, then select the next arrow.

    • Note: If you are not using a UW account to join a UW-Madison Hangout, attendees in the Hangout will see a warning to either Approve or Decline your participation.
  4. Join an existing Hangout

  5. If you are the first attendee to join, a gray screen will appear with no other icons.

  6. First one at Video Call

  7. If attendees are present in the Hangout, you can hover over icons and see who is in the Hangout before you join.

  8. Hover over icons to see others in Hangout

  9. You are now successfully in an existing Hangout room.

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Present to an existing Hangout meeting room

  1. Go to https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/present/wisc.edu/ to present to an existing/recent hangout.

  2. Log in with your NetID and NetID password.

  3. Enter the Hangout room name in the Enter a Hangout name field, then select the next arrow.

  4. You will be prompted to share your screen. If you have multiple windows or applications open, you can select a preferred window or application to share with others.

  5. Screen Sharing

  6. You can stop sharing your screen at any moment by clicking on the Stop button.

Difference between "Present to everyone" and "Present"

  • Present to everyone: This feature displays your screen in the Hangout. All attendees in the meeting will see your screen on their screen.

  • Present: This feature allows attendees to switch their view between individuals who are talking in the meeting, regardless of who is presenting.

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Hangout features

  1. Link icon

  2. Link Icon
    • To invite additional attendees to a Hangout, select the link icon located in the right-hand corner of your screen.

    • The link icon is used to share your Hangout with multiple attendees at once. You can also send invites others by entering their email addresses in.

    • There is also an option to change the setting of the link, to allow only UW-Madison G Suite members to access your hangout.

    • If you are inviting a person outside of UW, you will be allowed to do so, however, you will get a message saying the user is outside of UW-Madison G Suite.

  3. Share your screen

    • Share your screen by selecting the green icon.

    • Open up chat by selecting the blue icon.

    • Options in Hangout

  4. Settings menu

  5. Ribbon Menu

    • Add others: Invite additional attendees.

    • Mute/unmute: Mute your computer's microphone.

    • Disable video: Prevent attendees from seeing you during Hangout meeting.

    • Exit the hangout: Leave Hangout room.

  6. Focus camera on speaker

    • To focus your screen on the speaker during a meeting, make sure to deselect all users located at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

  7. Eject participant from meeting

    • Attendees in a Hangout have the option to eject another attendee from their meeting.

    • When an attendee is ejected, they will no longer have access to rejoin the same meeting. /p>

    • To allow the ejected attendee to rejoin the meeting, they must receive an invite via email. Once they receive the email, they must go back to the Google Hangouts main page and wait until they can rejoin.

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