GSTS - Assigning Milestones

This document walks through how to add a milestone to the student record for the tracking or monitoring progress of non-coursework requirements for degree completion. These steps show only the minimum requirements for filling out a milestone. Programs have the flexibility to use the additional fields on the milestone page as they see fit.


  1. Log into the Student Information System (SIS) using your Net ID and password.

  2. Click on Student Records WorkCenter.

  3. On the left hand side of the screen select Student Milestones.


  4. Select the Add a New Value tab to add new milestones for a specific student.


  5. In the ID field enter in the students EMPL ID # - not their campus ID (or use the magnifying glass next to the box to look it up using their name).
  6. If it isn't already filled in enter UWMSN in the Academic Institution field.

  7. In the Academic Career field enter GRAD, and click the look-up glass next to Academic Program and select the corresponding career number and Academic Program code for which you would like to assign the milestone.
    (Note: If a student has more than one career number and more than one Academic Program code and you are unsure which one to choose follow the supplemental instructions for Looking up Career Number and Academic Program)
  8. Then select Add.
  9. If you get the following message click on the student's ID number under Search Results.

  10. The next page should look like what is shown below. If you see something different, or if there is information filled in under Milestone Detail following the supplemental instructions for Assigning Milestones for Students with Existing Milestones.


  11. In the *Milestone field type in the specific milestone you wish to add, or use the magnifying glass look-up to select the correct milestone.  Then determine whether or not to use a Milestone Level, and use the look-up magnifying glass to select the correct level.
  12. Leave the *Milestone Nbr field untouched (it will auto-populate when you save, and changing this field will cause issues with future milestones that might be added to the student's record).


  13. Under the Academic Plan field use the look-up icon to select the correct plan to attach the milestone to.  The Description and Formal Description fields will have auto-populated when you selected a specific milestone in Step 11 (these fields are used for querying and it is important that you do not change the information).


  14. Fields open for program use - individual programs have the flexibility to choose how they utilize and fill out many of the sections in the middle of the milestones page.  At a minimum you should be filling in the Milestone Title field and in most cases the Comment field for every milestone, but it is up to each program what information goes in each field.
    (Note: In the future we will be working to build queries where you can pull summaries of some of these fields for multiple students.)


  15. Check that *Transcript Level  and *Print Milestone Detail are set to Never Print.


  16. At the bottom of the page in the Attempts section under *Milestone Complete use the dropdown menu to select the milestone status.
  17. In the same section under Date Attempted enter in the corresponding completion date of the specific milestone.


  18. To add another milestone (and/or milestone level) for the same student click on the + sign in the top right corner of the page (the second + under milestone detail, NOT the + sign next to the "Milestone Copy" button) and repeat steps 9-16.
  19. Once you are done adding milestones for a student click the Save button in the bottom left corner.


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