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GSTS - Exceptions: Declaring a Student in an Internal Program Pathway

This documents outlines how to use the GSTS Exceptions tool to "declare" a graduate student in a pathway that is internal to a graduate program's curriculum by removing or waiving the requirements for any other internal program pathway.

When a graduate program has multiple pathways that are internal to the program's curriculum (there are different curricular pathways that student's can pursue to complete the same degree) the default in GSTS is to display all possible pathways that a student can to follow to complete the degree.  Since the different curricular pathways are internal to the program and not something that is recorded in SIS, programs may use the GSTS Exceptions Tool to "declare" students in one specific pathway by waiving the requirements for any pathway that the student is NOT pursuing.  


  1. Follow these instructions to navigate to the GSTS Exceptions Tool page in SIS and select Requirement Waiver as the exception type: How to Make Exceptions in the GSTS Advisement Reports
  2. This is the Requirement Wavier page where you can waive the number of credits (units) and/or number of courses that are required for a section of the report. You can ignore the Requirement Waiver Type section at the top of the page. This will auto populate with correct values as you fill out other fields.
    Blank requirement waiver page.

  3. Enter in a description of the of the exception you are making. Note that anything entered in the Long Description field will show up on the student’s report.
    Description of Change section filled out with red circle around the "long description" field.

  4. Using the drop down menus indicate the specific pathway that you would like to waive. Note that you will have to make a separate exception for each pathway that you want to waive because you can't select more than one at a time.
    1. If you find the pathway names under the Requirement Description drop down menu STOP, leave the Requirement Line drop down menu blank, and proceed to step 5.Requirements to be Changed section with Requirement Description dropdown menu open for Japanese PhD.

    2. In some cases you may only find the names of the pathways under the Requirement Line drop down menu. In this case you should have all three drop down menus filled out.
      Requirements to be Changed section with Requirement Line dropdown menu open for Civil & Environmental Engineering MS - Professional.

  5. After selecting the specific pathway that you want to waive, click Save.
    Requirement Waiver page with save button circled in red.

  6. When you are returned to the Authorize Student Exceptions page you won’t see any information at first.  Then click the Submit button, to post the exception and it will show up in the list of exceptions. Note that other previously submitted exceptions will show up in the list.
    Authorize Student Exceptions page with red circle around the submit button.

  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for each pathway that the student is NOT pursuing so that the only requirements that are left are for the curricular pathway that the student is completing.

To see the exception on the student’s report click on the Advisement Report hyperlink to open a refreshed version of the report in a new window. The section that you waived will still show up on the student’s report.  It will show up as closed when you first open the report, but when you expand it by clicking on the arrow next to the title the section will be marked as “Waived” and the text that was entered in the Long Description field on the Requirement Waiver page will be displayed.

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